Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, August 6 (Reporter Huayi) A recent animal experimen

What PBT ?
Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT):

Abstract In the past few days, th

As we all know, the bedroom is an area where we enjoy sleep, and it is also a place where

Japan has a small country, but its ambition

The kitchen is a place for cooking and cooking. To cook delicious food, various kinds of u

As an important plant hormone, gibberellin (GA) plays an impor

Speaking of the difference between plastic and rubber, I believe many people a

The recent launch of new products from Collier, all-in-one intell

The emergence of smart locks helped us solve many problems, broug

Abstract [China Superhard Materia

Hand injuries can be classified as physical, chemical, mechanical, an

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