6 Ways to Buy Ceramic Cabinets

At present, sanitary ceramics manufacturers have introduced ceramic cupboard basins of various styles that are very attractive, which has attracted the eyes of many consumers and they are eager to try. Then how should the ceramic cabinets be bought? This really needs to be clearly understood and combined with their own needs. When choosing, it will be clear-minded and clear-minded. It will do more with less, eliminating the worries of the future. Therefore, we suggest that we should choose this:

First, to check the appearance of the face washer:

Looking at the light from the side of the ceramic at multiple angles, see if the glaze of the scrubber is smooth. No cracks, lack of glaze, brown eyes, pits and other defects are gently stroked on the surface of the ceramic cabinet, hand induction is very smooth and delicate. The mounting surface against the wall is normally warped. The mounting hole is not deformed. All kinds of performance can meet the requirements of national standards.

Second, to see the specifications and styles of ceramic cabinet:

There are various specifications for ceramic cabinet basins. According to the size and position of the bathroom space, you can purchase your favorite style. The matching of the cabinets should be matched with the bathroom and the color and style are the same.

Third, to see the cabinet material:

To see if it is a waterproof MDF board, this kind of material is a kind of waterproof sheet made by pulverizing the selected wood raw materials into a powder and processed by special techniques. The waterproof performance is better than ordinary fiberboard.

Fourth, to see the ceramic cabinet basin faucet mounting hole:

Ceramic cabinet faucet mounting holes are double holes and single holes, so when buying a faucet, be sure to pay attention to cabinet hole, single-hole single-stem dual-control faucet, dual-hole optional double handle single-control faucet .

Fifth, depends on the quality of the ceramic cabinet cabinet assembly:

For all metal parts such as door hinges, drawer handles, cabinet legs, etc., look for a stainless steel configuration that is protected against moisture. This will protect the moisture resistance. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the opening of the ceramic cabinet hinge and handle is flexible. The opening angle of the door is more than 90 degrees, so it is easy to pick and place items.

Sixth, depends on the ceramic cabinet basin is easy to install and use:

There should be reserved inlet holes and drain holes in the cabinet basin. It is necessary to ensure the access of the inlet and outlet pipes and the opening of the valves are convenient and do not leave troubles for future maintenance and overhaul. If there are no reserved water inlets and drain holes, holes can be drilled according to the position of the ceramic basin and the position of the reserved water and water. There are reserved inlet holes and drain holes in the cabinet, and general decoration teams can be installed. Connect the upper and lower water pipes and cabinets, check the water supply, and use them without dripping.

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