Bathroom promotion should be cautious

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Bathroom decoration is very important, so it is very important to buy sanitary ware or sanitary ware materials. It must be taken seriously when choosing in the market.

Historical minimum discount ≠ historical lowest price

Recently walked in the vicinity of the Former Mountain World Plaza, consumers often receive promotional brochures bathroom products, many flyers read "This promotion crazy discount history, the whole", "discount as low as 3.8 fold." The same information can also be found on the local decoration website.

In fact, the lowest discount does not mean the lowest price. The reporter compared the relevant promotional information of a certain brand in different periods and found that the lowest discount was 3.8 fold in its National Day promotional information, but it was a product promotion of different models.

"Because of different products, the price is difficult to compare." On the first floor of the World House, Ausman bathroom sales staff told reporters that in the promotion, the manufacturers will launch different special products each time, the same style often will not be in the short term There is a similar promotion to avoid some customers requesting a refund after discovering a spread. Even salespeople find it hard to find out what the “lowest price” is, let alone ordinary customers.

"N fold" ≠ lowest transaction price N fold

Many customers see this kind of information as "3.8% off in the whole shop" and think that this "3.8% off" is the lowest discount for all products. The reporter learned from the interview that, in fact, the “minimum discount” also has the opportunity to bargain. "Full audience" is only a general discount, some manufacturers will launch "special" products, and their discount may be less than 3.8 fold.

It is understood that after the product hits "special price", it can be bargained for such a situation. For second-line brands, it is more common, but price reductions for special products are often very limited. When the reporter consulted with a customer in a sanitary ware shop near the World Bank Plaza, he found that after the bargain price of the one-piece sanitary ware with a price of 780 yuan, the salesman said that he could "up to 20 yuan more." Relative to second-tier brands, the sales price of well-known brands is generally more "persistent." On the morning of the 21st, the reporter saw in the Nobel ceramic tile store that a variety of polished tiles had recently offered a discount of 50% or less. When the reporter bargained as a customer, Miss Liu, a salesperson, said that the price was already the lowest and could not be lowered.

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