Bedroom lighting how to design the bedroom lights what color is good

As we all know, the bedroom is an area where we enjoy sleep, and it is also a place where homeowners can fully relax. Therefore, in the layout, we must seriously consider and avoid revisions and revisions in the later period. This piece of lighting should pay special attention to the design. Only when the lighting is properly arranged, can the bedroom look more comfortable and warm, so how can the bedroom lighting be designed ? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below. We hope to provide some help for your decoration and help you have a comfortable bedroom.

How to design bedroom lighting

1, whether it is the intensity of light or the aesthetic sense, in the bedroom should be the layout of a soft eye-catching lights, if the light is too strong, easy to make people temper become irritable, irritability, cause anger, stagnation, but if the light is too dark , It is easy to make people sluggish and produce depression mood, so the light should be soft and comfortable.

2, some homeowners will be in the bedside layout of small lights, this walk at night is more convenient, but also can increase the width, but the bed or bed is not suitable for the installation of chandeliers, mainly because people are lying in bed, if There is a chandelier on top of the head, the light will inevitably shine on the eyes, giving Zhao Cheng a sense of oppression. In addition, the human body is often exposed to bright light, which has a very bad influence on the skin and liver.

3, to install some wall lamps in the appropriate wall, the effect is also very good, its light is relatively soft and subtle, and the outer layer is also covered with a lamp, not only to make the bedroom become warm, but also to avoid the light is too dazzling, In addition, if it is found that the lamps in the bedroom are broken, they should be repaired or replaced immediately. Because the bad lights are unlucky, small ones affect the owner's diet and daily life, while others affect people's emotions.

Bedroom lights what color is good

First, warm light with a suitable amount of white light source is better

In general, the bedroom dress will pay attention to color, that is, the alternating use of cold and warm colors, due to the different Feng Shui in different colors, so the color should match with the home of the five elements, if the home feng shui to yang Mainly, then the color of the lamp should also be warm, so it is more suitable for people to live and live.

Second, avoid red light in the bedroom

Because the bedroom is different from other places, it is generally not necessary to use red or flashing neon lights as decorative lights. Otherwise, it may easily lead to uneasiness, especially for some newly-married couples. In order to increase the romantic style, they will be at the bedside. A red light bulb is installed on the dressing table. In fact, this is a taboo and it is easy to cause one or both parties to derail.

Third, the yellow light is the main lucky

I believe everyone is concerned that most users like to place a yellow light at home. It is for the sake of making money, so if you want to make a fortune at home, you may wish to install a yellow light at home.

Summary: The article is about how to design the bedroom lights. I believe many of my friends have a better understanding of how to design the bedroom lights . Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

Bedroom lights

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