Boutique design skills boutique decoration map

If you have your own storefront, you want to have a more refined storefront. Now the business is getting better and better, so there are more and more people opening clothing stores, and the competition is fierce. We have seen our own clothing store decoration on the street, all with different decoration styles. To attract the attention of consumers. Then today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the boutique decoration map and boutique design skills.


First, the boutique shop decoration map

1. Pay attention to the division, color and texture characteristics of the ground pattern. The ground pattern design can be roughly divided into three cases: the first one emphasizes the independent integrity of the pattern itself, such as a conference room, and uses a cohesive pattern to show the importance of the meeting. The color should be coordinated with the meeting space to achieve quiet and concentrated effect; the second is to emphasize the continuity and rhythm of the pattern, with certain guiding and regularity, mostly used in the foyer, walkway and common space; third It emphasizes the abstraction of patterns, freedom and change, and is free and lively. It is often used in spaces with irregular or free layout.

2. Meet the needs of the floor structure, construction and physical properties of the building. When decorating the base surface, pay attention to the structure of the floor. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it is convenient for construction and construction. It should not only be one-sided pursuit of pattern effect, but also consider physical properties such as moisture, waterproof, heat preservation and heat insulation. need.

3, the base surface should be coordinated with the overall environment, complement each other and complement the atmosphere.


Second, boutique design skills

1. The design of the popular clothing store, the color is the main soul of the store, the minimalist style has been retiring since the past year, the two major trends of the clothing store, in addition to the large flagship store opening one after another, the other is the color Return to the storefront to replace the minimalist style that has been popular for many years. In addition to the color emphasis on bright colors, the storefront design emphasizes the planning of leisure space and dynamic facilities. At the same time, posters and video screens are also flooded. As for the shape, material and merchandise display of furniture, there is little innovation.

2. Strive for a large, spacious storefront. Personalized clothing store decoration store furniture and merchandise display style. The merchandise display is based on the past.

3, square metal furniture, glass, such as We, Burton, Okaidi, etc., the style is more stable, and mainly men's clothing store. White logs or plastic furniture, often with a sleek design, such as Energie, Etam, Andre, has a strong sense of fashion and is dominated by women's clothing boutiques.

The above article is a small shop to introduce you to the boutique decoration map, boutique design skills. Use color to display the theme of a personalized clothing store. The material should also choose different decoration techniques from ordinary clothing stores. You can compare it. I am here today. If there are other needs, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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