Can furniture go into the countryside?

There are a lot of furniture in the mall. Businessmen display furniture products in the form of model rooms, and use the combination of space and style to interpret the charm of furniture. Many consumers are infected by this "illusion". After observing and sighing, they will like it. The furniture is taken home, but when the furniture enters the new home, it is found that the selected furniture cannot be "common to the village". It seems that the purchase of furniture must also follow certain principles.

1. The flat and vertical dimensions of the furniture should be consistent with the room area and height, so as not to put down the purchased furniture or destroy the planned layout.

2. Before purchasing furniture, first measure the space size (length, width, height) of the living room, and then design the overall layout of the living room and the required furniture variety, function, style, color, and quantity. Clear goals, save time and effort.

3. Can the purchased furniture move into the door smoothly? The key is that the longest diagonal of the furniture cannot be greater than the largest diagonal at the corner of the passage or stairs.

4. "Modern" furniture styles are easy to be outdated. On the contrary, the cultural appeal of traditional furniture is long-lasting and has value preservation.

5. Light-colored furniture is suitable for small rooms or north-facing rooms with poor lighting conditions. For rooms with better lighting, dark-colored furniture can be selected to show a simple and elegant atmosphere.

6. Older people should not rush to buy tall cabinets "fashionably". Although space is saved, it is quite inconvenient to climb high to get things.

7. In addition to the entire set of furniture, furniture such as dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, coffee tables, etc. are also required. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the color, style and specifications of the single-piece furniture in advance, so as not to be difficult to match in the future.

8. Pay attention to the practicality of the furniture, don't be flashy, only emphasize the style

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