China International Furniture Fair will help exhibitors to transform domestic sales through joint exhibition shops

The Chinese furniture industry, which once relied solely on exports, is facing changes. More and more furniture manufacturers are seeking a profitable model of "two legs" walking, intending to show their strengths in the domestic market. Due to the limited venues of the exhibition, in order to better help exhibitors expand the domestic market, the 17th China International Furniture Fair will draw on the “show shop linkage” activity that has been cultivated for 5 years to attract a large number of exhibitors in Shanghai brand flagship stores as “ The "domestic exhibition venue" complements the main exhibition venue that showcases foreign trade furniture products to meet the different needs of exhibitors and visitors.

According to the latest statistical calculations released by the National Bureau of Statistics, furniture consumption as a domestic hot spot grew rapidly in 2010 , with a growth rate of 37.2% , exceeding the annual growth rate of furniture exports. The increasing demand in the domestic market and the increasing uncertainties in the foreign market have led more and more export-oriented furniture companies to turn their attention to the domestic market and take the road of domestic and foreign sales. Since the China International Furniture Fair opened the B2C platform "" on in 2010 , the proportion of exhibitors in new domestic stores has reached nearly 1/3 of the total number of exhibitors. In the words of Ms. Zhong Beihong, the project director of the exhibition, "This was something I could not imagine in the past."

"Show Shop Linkage" for the first time implanted the model of the ' Interni Milano ' exhibition hall and shopping mall during the Milan Furniture Fair into the China International Furniture Fair, breaking through the limitations of venues and time, through furniture malls in Shanghai and independent furniture Stores and brand flagship stores create more and longer business choices for the audience. After five years of development, the scale of the exhibition store linkage has expanded year by year. Every year, hundreds of well-known furniture stores in Shanghai have joined in to share the trade feast of the China International Furniture Fair, and the participating store styles have become more diversified. A unique exhibition mode in China has become one of the three main service modules of China International Furniture Fair (show, e-commerce, and exhibition store linkage), and will become a veritable "main position" of domestic trade from 2011 One.

With the successful development of the joint activities of the exhibition store, Shanghai's position as a domestic furniture trade distribution center is expected to be further strengthened. Taking the China International Furniture Fair held in Shanghai in September as the leader, the clustering effect of the concentrated display of exhibitors in Shanghai shows, and the new business opportunities brought by online trade will jointly promote the domestic and foreign trade of Chinese furniture centered on Shanghai Take a higher step.

About exhibition store linkage: One of the important components of China International Furniture Fair, held in September with the exhibition every year, through hundreds of Shanghai furniture malls, independent stores and brand flagship stores to display more fine furniture for the domestic market Exhibits, break through the limitations of the exhibition time and venues, and create a furniture feast for the audience to the city.

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