Chinese scientists perfect solution: straw clean fuel

Chinese scientists perfect solution: straw clean fuel

"China's agricultural straw and timber waste will no longer be 'waste' in the future. It will become a cheap, biomass-clean fuel, biochar and thermal products, and will provide cheap and renewable energy for industrial and agricultural production and living. clean energy."

Northeast Forestry University announced on the 6th that the “China's '863′ high-tech project” under the leadership of Professor Wang Shuyang’s scientific research team has undergone 18 years of technological breakthroughs and has successfully solved the problem of large-scale production of agricultural and forestry waste and low cost production of clean fuel cogeneration coal. All technical difficulties of heat and heat were formally announced to enter the stage of industrialization and promotion.

As a large agricultural country, China produces more than 700 million tons of agricultural straw and 300 million tons of forest waste each year. Due to the lack of advanced, economical, and highly efficient industrial technologies, most of them have been burned or abandoned, and these valuable resources have not changed. As a result of wealth, it will cause severe seasonal haze pollution, and forestry waste will also pose a hidden danger of forest fires.

In order to make full use of agricultural and forestry wastes, since 1997, Professor Wang Shuyang of Northeast Forestry University has started to form a team to establish the first professional institution for research and development of biomass energy development and utilization technology in China’s colleges and universities. The large-scale complete set of high-tech equipment for the generation of clean fuel from waste biomass is produced.

After 18 years of research, the technical equipment of the "straw cleaning fuel" project has provided annual output of 5,000 tons from a single device, up to 200,000 tons of clean fuel cogeneration, hot large-scale complete sets of oil production equipment.

"After the transformation of this equipment, at present a set of equipment for every 20,000 tons of straw, timber waste can produce 10,000 tons of clean fuel ... ..." According to Wang Shuyang, the clean fuel produced by the equipment can now be widely used in thermal energy, electricity Production and non-ferrous metallurgy, lime, ceramics, cement and other fields. "Because this kind of fuel is almost sulfur-free, the burned product is recycled into a plant through photosynthesis, so it will not cause pollution and it is a truly clean energy." Wang Shuyang told reporters that because of its low price, the market prospects are widespread. It is optimistic that he believes in the international competitiveness after industrialization.

In addition, a reporter from the China Newcomnet learned from Prof. Wang Shuyang that the team had mastered the method of further converting biomass fuel into diesel, gasoline and other fuels during the R&D process and is planning to conduct pilot tests and development.

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