[Comprehensive] Why do Japanese military caps have two wonderful flowers? The role is very large, not to look good

Japan has a small country, but its ambition is very large. In modern times, it launched a war of aggression against China in China. It has done a lot of hurtful things. We Chinese people will never have NetEase’s pain. I believe that all of you have seen it. If you don’t know if you have any attention or not, Japan’s military caps are different from the military caps of other countries. Very curiously, there are two pieces of cloth on their military caps, which are a bit like curtains, so why the caps? Will you get two ugly cloths? Let's continue to look down!

Ancient Japanese infantry is generally used as a frontal, and there are shades behind. The modern Japanese army was established during the Meiji era. The earliest use of the French training methods and clothing styles, it was also said that the "flip curtain" is inherited from the French military cap.

Many people said that this piece of cloth is used for heating, cold and frostbite, but these two pieces of cloth are very thin, so thin will not get the effect of heating at all, so if it is not heating, it must have other effects.

First, the official explanation in Japan stated that the two cloths were mainly designed to block the sun and prevent mosquitoes from biting into the ears, and that they were meant to be shaded. The founders of such hats were not Japan, but France, and France was the first Used in the North African Legion; in the desert area, it works well against sunburn.

Second, there is the prevention of artillery, in the war, it will inevitably be deafening sound of guns, so the design of the two pieces of cloth to prevent the soldiers from the ears of the artillery fired a huge sound shock!

Third, the third argument is to protect the neck during snoring, not to be scratched by blemishes, splashing stones, etc. To bring these two fart curtains have a certain degree of protection. Because of the bunker or street fighting, the bullet or the shrapnel hits the splashing gravel, or the hard object can easily scratch the skin. The fart curtain can protect the neck.

Fourth, this argument is that the Japanese military itself is a relatively superstitious person. They think that fighting outside the country requires something to protect the body and their brains are protected. Therefore, two pieces of cloth are on both sides of the ear. For example, the Japanese are Chinese troops. Fear of cutting the knife, just these two pieces of cloth played a role, so that soldiers feel psychologically difficult to be severed by the Chinese soldiers' big knife. However, they are not afraid of dead fighting.

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