DEDE: Charming furniture design


The Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute was established in 2002. The Design and Research Center (DEDE) was led by a visiting scholar, Professor Xu Baiming, a visiting scholar from the Milan Polytechnic University of Italy and a doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Forestry University. The 2014 Shenzhen International Furniture Fair DEDE will provide services such as market research, strategic design, brand supervision, furniture product design, brand image design, commercial space design, event planning interface design, and advertising graphic communication design. The following is a new appreciation of DEDE design.

This bed screen combines the practice of the Chinese lamp hanging chair to take the "two sides of the head", the cirrus head, plus the partial exquisite carving of the full screen and the unique "rag shoulder" structure of the Ming and Qing furniture, making the whole Pieces of furniture are full of ancient charm, and there is no lack of modern tension. The graceful flower stand with a cool light and shadow outside the window gives the charm of blue charm.

The sofa is a modern species, and turning it into a classical thing is the design concept of this furniture. The designer gave it a modern silhouette with a smooth and graceful flow, and then used the curve of "Luo Guoxin", the flower teeth on the back side, the "dwarf" in the middle of the armrest, and the relief of the combination of depth and depth, magically changed it As a gorgeous classic utensil. Together with the petal-shaped coffee table and the wall of terrazzo, a harmonious movement of classical and fashionable, gorgeous and simple was performed, which made it beautiful.

The requirements of mass production and the rise of the younger generation make Chinese furniture inevitably move towards the direction of modernization, fashion and industrialization. This set of modern mahogany office furniture is a manifestation of this design concept. The square and straight lines ensure the convenience of mechanized production, which is more in line with the simple and fashionable taste. The use of the "corset" under the table, the "circle" on the side, and the "dwarf" between the yoke, makes it not only stylish but concise, but still loses the classic style of Ming and Qing furniture.

This modern mahogany CEO office furniture design is a fashionable interpretation of the Ming style classic furniture "head-to-head case". The "case-shaped structure" structure and the repeatedly symmetrical U-shaped tripod have the structural beauty of ancient architecture. The horizontal and vertical shape, no carvings on the whole body, and elegant decoration all give it an elegant and fashionable temperament. It is a pioneering work of the Ming and Qing furniture to a new era. It is a new returnee, a fashionista, and a "creative second generation" culture. The CEO's office space is preferred.

This study is a combination of Chinese classical charm and modern Scandinavian solid wood. The structure of the Chinese "flat-headed case", the base of the "Luoguo", the elongated "dwarf", and the exquisite tenon make people feel Ming furniture The reverberation of Liang Liang. The simple composition, flexible cabinet combination, and bright paint color reveal the breath of the times.

This new Chinese-style office space is supported by the "bucket arch" element of Chinese architecture under the desks and tables. It is both point-setting and stable. The square and neat shape shows the master's style and ability, and the arrangement of large-scale "window" lines This makes the whole piece of furniture not only resolute, but also adds a bit of hazy and mysterious classic beauty.

Post-modern style solid wood is one of the mainstream in the current market. This solid wood suite is full of shapes, rich in layers, smooth in lines and stretches the atmosphere. On the basis of the round and thick modern solid wood, coupled with exquisite and rich details, romantic and smooth curves, and the finishing touches of local carvings, the cultural characteristics, decorative effects and craft value of modern solid wood furniture have been greatly improved.

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