Early spring arch shed carrot management

Carrot cultivation management is simple and labor-saving, resistant to poor and resistant to transportation. In the early spring, the small arch shed covers the off-season cultivation, and it is listed in the summer. The yield per mu can reach 3500-4000 kg, and the economic benefits are remarkable. The main cultivation techniques are now introduced as follows:

First, the temperature

Early spring small arch shed carrots are usually planted in mid-March and are now in the seedling stage. After emergence, the wind should be properly ventilated according to the weather conditions, and the temperature and humidity in the shed should be reduced. The daytime is 20 °C - 25 °C. The temperature is still low at night, and the air outlet is closed.

Second, weeding seedlings

Carrots are hi-light crops, and weeds should be carried out early in the weeding process. Generally, about 20 days after emergence, the weather is fine, and the seedlings are opened in the afternoon. The dense seedlings, inferior seedlings and weeds are removed in time. When the first seedling is in the seedlings of 1-2 true leaves, the seedling distance is 3-4 cm. When the second seedling is in 4-5 true leaves, the seedlings are 6-7 leaves, and the seedlings are 8-10 cm. The film will be covered later. In addition, pay attention to the soil during the cultivating, to prevent the top of the fleshy root from protruding to the ground to form a green shoulder.

Third, water and fertilizer management

The seedling period is basically not watered, and the seedlings are carried out to prevent the lengthening. After the shed, the first water is poured, and 10 kg of urea per mu is applied with the water. Carrot fleshy roots quickly enter the expansion period when the fingers are thick, and the demand for water and nutrients is the most. Water should be watered in time to keep the soil dry and dry, and combined with watering and urea and potassium sulfate for 2-3 times, each time applying urea 15 -20 kg, 5 kg of potassium sulfate.

Fourth, harvest

When the carrot matures, the leaves no longer grow, no new leaves are seen, and the lower leaves turn yellow. They are generally harvested from mid-June to early July, and can also be harvested according to market demand. If there is a cold storage at 0°C-3°C, it can be stored after harvesting, and it can be supplied throughout the summer, or further deep processing, and earning foreign exchange through export, with higher economic benefits.

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