Electromagnetic flowmeter selection and installation considerations

Electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in many fields such as sewage, fluorine chemicals, production water, tap water, medicine, steel, and so on. Because the principle determines it can only measure conductive liquid. Although it is much better than other types of flowmeters in terms of reliability and stability, there are still some problems in the actual use of customers. Now I will elaborate on the selection and installation of electromagnetic flowmeters:

First, like other flowmeters, although the electromagnetic flowmeter has a measurement range ratio of 30:1, it is higher than vortex and differential pressure flowmeters, but it is also limited. When many customers schedule, they often Comparing it with a water meter, it is thought that a very low flow rate can be measured. In general, it can only measure 0.1 m/s. Below this flow rate, an electromagnetic flow meter is difficult to measure correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the flow range ratio at the beginning of the order. Ordering can not be ordered according to the original pipe caliber, it is best to set the meter diameter according to your actual flow.

Second, like other flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters have requirements for straight pipes before and after installation, but they are lower than other types of flowmeters, but the most important point is to satisfy: that is, full pipes and then full pipes. Dissatisfaction with the tube can easily cause the flowmeter to jump:

Third, as with other flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters also have a degree of protection. The general integrated protection class is IP65 and the split type is IP68 (for sensors). If the customer has requirements for the instrument installation environment, the installation site is underground. Wells or other wet places, it is recommended that customers choose split type. In order to avoid wrong choices on the instrument damage.

Fourth, the electromagnetic flowmeter can measure corrosive liquids, but customers must correctly provide other measurement medium properties at the beginning of the order so as to avoid mistakes in electrode selection during the selection, resulting in the sensor being scrapped in the later use process, causing inconvenience to the customer and Economic loss.

Although the reliability of the electromagnetic flowmeter is relatively good, it will not be damaged under normal circumstances. However, due to its principle, the surface of the sensor electrode is always in contact with the liquid. For a long time, the surface of the electrode is susceptible to contamination. Therefore, in the general case of electromagnetic flowmeters, under the condition that the customer is disassembled, it is recommended to remove and clean the primary electrode from year to year and a half to ensure the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter. Any instrumentation requires "maintenance," and electromagnetic flowmeters are no exception.

Sixth, when the main line is a vertical pipeline, under normal circumstances, the flow is required to be the bottom-up, as far as possible not to the top down. The latter tends to cause greater fluctuations in traffic. In addition to the full pipe installation, this is also very important, followed by the straight pipe distance.

Everyone in the selection and installation, as long as the attention to the above six points, no special circumstances, the electromagnetic flowmeter can be used very well. If there are other problems in the selection and installation, please leave a message. Funeral meter, flow meter expert around you, provides customers with a full range of flow solutions!

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