Exploring the benefits of sanitary ware decoration experts

The precautions for bathroom decoration make you dazzling, but the place where the decoration is wrong is endless. Many households will directly choose to decorate the decoration company. I am the owner of my bathroom. Professionals are necessary. I will feel different when I participate. Today Xiaobian brings you the secret recipe of the bathroom decoration brought by the decoration experts, so that you can take less detours, you can not miss the need!

1. To buy materials, you must first calculate the approximate amount. When I bought the waterway materials, I thought about it anyway. After I finished the waterway map, I used the material to get out. So I trusted the foreman. I found that the water pipe bought 5 meters and the copper head actually used 27 Actually bought 40, there should be 13 remaining, and the actual remaining 7 are short and 6 short. After repeated investigations, the foreman retrieved six copper heads from "other places that were accidentally mixed elsewhere" from other construction sites. The circuit itself calculated the material in advance, and the calculated result was compared with the requirements of the foreman: the wire was changed from 30 meters to 12 meters, and the cable was changed from 20 meters to 13 meters. Others such as insulating tape and plug have great difference. Corrected by shackles.

2. If there is an old water pipe on the ground, it will be damaged when it is removed from the ground. Don't hesitate to lay new ones, don't save, for safety.

3. The recessed storage space on the bathroom wall should not be discarded. It is very beautiful to use the tile. Of course, the Wa Trade Union feels that it is ugly to say "ugly" and "not popular now." Oh, don't be fooled, he wants to be lazy.

4. Tile positive angles do not use the edge line, you must grind the 45 degree angle stitching is beautiful, you do not mention the bricklayer, of course, choose the lazy way to do things.

5. When installing aluminum-plastic pipe, it is necessary to supervise the workers to reserve expansion space for the hot water pipe according to the construction standard. In short, the aluminum-plastic pipe is not sealed, and it is better to loosen some.

6. If the bathroom floor is higher than the hall, you can use the door stone transition to solve.

7. If you add a pipe to move the sewer, you should check whether the old sewer is unblocked before the new pipe and the old sewer entrance are docked. At this time, spend money to avoid a lot of troubles in the future.

8. Aluminum gussets are not necessary to buy high prices, very cheap aluminum gussets have far surpassed the effect of pVC, and no more money can not see significantly different effects.

9. Buy aluminum gussets, pay special attention to the keel instead of the aluminum gusset itself (the target of the aluminum gusset is too big to be easy to handle), and the keel is often finished.

10. The color of the floor tiles is difficult to find satisfactory, I have not found it, but the two unsatisfactory colors are interlaced and then turned to a 45 degree angle to achieve my satisfactory results. This good idea was actually suggested by the bricklayer.

Xiaobian summary: bathroom decoration is not as difficult as we imagined, carefully decorating, grasping the main things in the decoration process, all-round, in order to prevent problems before they happen, in order to change!

Bright Steel Bar

Bright steel bar is carbon or alloy steel bar with shining bright surface which is improved by cold drawing, peeling, turning, grinding and polishing over hot rolled black surface bars. By cold drawing, the steel bar yield strength and tensile strength will be improved. By peeling and turning, the surface imperfections will be removed. By grinding, the diameter tolerance will be more precision. By polishing, the surface will be much more shining.

 peeled steel bar processing

Except the shining bright surface, comparing with the hot rolled black surface bars, the bright steel bars has better surface roughness, better roundness, straightness, more precision size tolerance etc.

Heat treatment such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering will be done before do cold finishing on the hot rolled bar to get bright steel bar, in such condition, the steel Bright Bar will get most suitable mechanical properties to meet different application requirement.

The advantages of steel bright bars we supply:

1) Big stocks of hot rolled round bars or wire rods as raw materials

2) Heat treating furnaces to adjust the mechanical properties

3) Full sets of testing equipment to test the sizes, mechanical properties and microstructure.

4) Multiple packages to avoid broken packages and anti-rusty

Diameter tolerance




Surface roughness



80% of diameter tolerance

Diameter range

14mm to 100mm

Steel grade

Kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel


Any length can be cut with precision tolerance

Bright Steel Bar

Bright Flat Bar,Bright Steel Bar,C45 Steel Round Bar,Bright Steel Round Bar

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