FWQB30-70 submersible pump submersible pump price

FWQB30-70 Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Price FWQB Pneumatic Submersible Submersible Pump is a new type of high efficiency, high-lift drainage. The submersible pump is mainly used in mine development, drainage tunnel and shaft well construction drainage operation. Turbine submersible pump This type of turbo submersible pump is our company a number of experts, senior engineers through research and analysis, to avoid weaknesses, based on the original wind pump, to maintain the original features of the traditional products have made major breakthroughs in improvement. Turbine submersible pumps in the power section uses a vane air motor, automatic centrifugal speed control and other agencies to ensure that the rated range of high-speed operation, turbo submersible pump is a mine dig wells, the ideal drainage tool. FWQB Series Pneumatic Sewage Sewage Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Maintenance and Routine Maintenance ■ Structure Features 1, Low noise, keep within 40 dB; 2, Small air consumption, high efficiency; 3, Small size, light weight, compact structure , Easy to move; 4, used for long life, less wearing parts, easy maintenance. ■ Basic parameters Model Maximum lift Maximum flow Maximum consumption Air pressure Dimensions Weight FWQB30-70 70m 30m3h 3.8m3 / min 4-5kg / cm2 350X260mm (height × diameter) 20kg Jining City Huiyu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces mining Submersible pumps, pneumatic submersible pumps, spray pumps, BRW40,80,125 emulsion pump, mine resistance pump, injection pump, sewage pump, water centrifugal pump.

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