Hanmas Furniture analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of all solid wood desks

A good working environment will bring a good working atmosphere, and a good working atmosphere will greatly enhance the enthusiasm of employees, thus promoting the healthy and long-term development of the company. Everyone wants to work in a safe and comfortable office environment, so solid wood office furniture has become the first choice for more and more offices. Not only is it safe and secure, but it also greatly enhances the style of the office. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this all-solid wood office? Let's take a look at the small series of Hanmas office furniture for your analysis:


All solid wood desks refer to all natural wood logs that have not been reprocessed. They do not use any plates, including the desktop, drawer door panels, side panels, etc., which are made of pure solid wood. The process and material requirements are very high. The requirements for material selection, drying, and seaming are very strict. The solid wood desks completed through this series of processes are beautiful and beautiful, and naturally not cheap.

1. Natural and environmental protection. The natural wood used in the processing and production process has a very small amount of glue compared with the plate, and the amount of glue directly affects the environmental protection level.
2. Value-preserving function. It can bring the natural atmosphere to the home environment. The surface of the material can generally see the beautiful patterns of wood, which is very popular among middle and high-end consumers.
3. Long service life. It can be used for 15 to 20 years, and is generally 5 times that of other panel furniture.
1. Due to the different texture and softness of each panel, the slats on the surface are uneven, and the phenomenon after painting is sometimes obvious.
2. If the quality of the cross-stitch is poor, there will be obvious cross-stitching seams; if the strength of the cross-stitch is not enough, it is easy to crack at the joints.
Hanmaisi office furniture Xiaobian believes that any product has its advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes the shortcomings can truly reflect the difference between solid wood and sheet metal, in order to highlight the charm of its advantages. For those who need to buy office furniture, to understand common sense, rational consumption is the correct concept of consumption.

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