How do flooring companies choose electricity suppliers?

How do flooring companies choose electricity suppliers?

At this stage, the development trend of e-commerce in the flooring industry is very obvious. At present, China's e-commerce as an important sales channel, is in the outbreak period, it can be foreseen that e-commerce coverage of the entire sales channel will eventually be a matter of time. Many floor brands saw the development trend of e-commerce, and some of them had the attitude of looking at it, and some had already gone "hot and cold."

The increasingly hot floor electrical business is nowadays hot enough to think of “e-commerce thinking” and “internet thinking”. It can be said that this should be dual 11 and double 12 in 2012 and 2013. The brand of electrical appliances represented by U.S. Cats,, and other e-commerce companies created by the "blanket" network sales pushed by the results. So far, e-commerce thinking "on the tide" is still in the flooring industry overturned, surging, resulting in force and reaction.

Recently, CCTV Financial Channel broadcast a program on e-commerce marketing topics. From this topic, one can conclude that “All future business will be called e-commerce, so there will be no e-commerce and non-electronics. Business is divided, "All sales are called e-commerce." That is to say, e-commerce will intensify, and the marketing of all walks of life will eventually be filled and filled by e-commerce. Of course, it also includes the home industry in the field of floors, wardrobes, floors, sanitary ware, and floor heating that are in a period of drastic changes.

Business opportunities or "kill" machine floor companies how to choose electricity supplier?

Business opportunities or "kill" machine?

China is a processing factory in the world. With decades of foundry experience, many companies with outstanding production capabilities have been established. According to industry sources, the arrival of the e-commerce era is a good time for these export companies to open the domestic market.

Jiuzheng Building suggests that when mature brands consider e-commerce channels, how to balance the balance between offline channels and e-commerce channels is a problem that must be solved before touching the Internet. Many companies therefore find it difficult to flex their muscles on e-commerce. In contrast, export-to-domestic companies have few outlets in the country and do not have much to worry about.

Indeed, the era of e-commerce brings more opportunities. However, in the era of division of labor, it is very difficult to grasp production, grasp channels, and make platforms from beginning to end. Although e-commerce has irresistible benefits, it is not suitable for everyone. There are many well-known foundries in the industry trying to take the e-commerce route, but they are defeated one by one. Plant thinking can not keep up with business thinking, which is the reason why many “Tmall Models” show signs of decline. We must clearly see our position, stick to professionalism, and find suitable collaborators to truly do a good job.

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