How many shockwaves does the decision to ask for a 0.1% fee on WeChat?

Abstract From March 1st, WeChat withdrawals are charged! Each user of WeChat (in the ID card dimension) enjoys a free withdrawal amount of 1000 yuan for life, and the excess fee is charged according to the bank rate. The current rate is 0.1%, and each fee is at least 0.1 yuan. WeChat red envelope...
From March 1st, WeChat withdrawals will be charged!
Each user of WeChat (in the ID card dimension) enjoys a free withdrawal amount of 1000 yuan for life, and the excess fee is charged according to the bank rate. The current rate is 0.1%, and each fee is at least 0.1 yuan. Wechat red envelopes, face-to-face payment, AA collection and other functions are not affected, free of charge.
This news, suddenly fried in the country! The user's first reaction is: Is it true? Is it really charged? After the message is fermented, the user's second reaction is: I want to withdraw cash!
How big is the 0.1% shock wave?

1 Is there a lie on WeChat?
The WeChat cash withdrawal fee, the official statement is to cover the fee charged by the bank: "On every transaction based on WeChat payment, as long as the bank card is debited, in fact, regardless of the amount of money, the bank must charge the transaction fee to WeChat payment. These costs have been borne by WeChat payment. As WeChat pays users and transaction volume gradually increases, the cost pressure is also increasing. This strategy adjustment also hopes to subsidize a part of the huge cost."
However, for the bank to charge a fee, the outside world said that "WeChat is lying": WeChat's transfer and withdrawal function may involve the bank transfer/submission fee and interbank transfer fee, but the withdrawal is to bring deposits to the bank. The bank will not charge.
In the process of withdrawing WeChat, does the bank charge the WeChat platform? Relevant persons of WeChat payment said that in the third-party payment and bank transactions, payment, recharge, withholding, and third-party payment are required to pay the bank a fee, and the withdrawal of such payment will soon be paid to the bank.
That is to say, if A recharges from the bank card to the WeChat wallet and sends a red envelope, in this process, because the bank's quick payment interface is invoked, WeChat needs to pay the bank a handling fee. If A transfers 5,000 yuan to B through WeChat, withdraws money from A's investment opportunity card, and goes to B's ICBC card, in the process of capital transfer, WeChat needs to pay the cost of fast payment and the cost of system processing. Daytime funding.
For WeChat, as a third-party payment platform and the bank's contact link, it is necessary to pay the bank, as to why it is charged through the "WeChat cash withdrawal" link, which is the different ways of using WeChat to balance costs.

2 Not the first charge, why is the response so big?
As early as last October, WeChat announced that each user has a transfer amount of 20,000 yuan per month, and the part exceeding 20,000 yuan is charged at 0.1% of the handling fee. At that time, for the collection of this fee, WeChat officially said: "Not for WeChat revenue, but for the fees charged by the bank." This is consistent with the reason for the WeChat withdrawal fee.
The difference is that the timing of the two charges is very different! Before and after WeChat announced the transfer charges in October last year, many banks successively implemented “reverse” mobile phone transfer free of charge, from China Merchants Bank, Ningbo Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, to Ping An, Guangfa, CITIC, Xingye, etc., which caused WeChat transfer charges to fall into one degree. Hey.
However, this time, the WeChat cash withdrawal is due to the red hot pack during the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival has received 32.1 billion people in 6 days, involving more than 500 million people. When the WeChat red envelope became popular, and it was mainly concentrated in the coin purse, it was announced at this time. Cash withdrawals are the most sensitive time for the public, and the response is of course the biggest.

3 Why do you have to charge for WeChat?
In the third quarter of last year's earnings report, Tencent first used “C2C transfer fee” as an important cost. Tencent admits to promoting the use of WeChat payment through more e-commerce services, O2O service transactions and higher C2C transfer penetration rates.
However, due to the enrichment of payment scenarios and the investment in deepening the mobile payment habits of users, we are in charge of large bank charges for C2C transfers (we are basically free to users). Given WeChat payment or QQ binding bank cards The number of users in the wallet account has grown rapidly and the monthly usage of these accounts has grown rapidly. We believe these costs are valuable investments for the future.” By September 2015, WeChat payment and QQ wallet binding to bank cards The total number of accounts has exceeded 200 million.
This is the first time Tencent has emphasized the cost effect of bank fees in its earnings report, and it has also paved the way for the opening of the transfer fee for WeChat payment in October last year.

4 Is the withdrawal charge considered cost?
The industry believes that this WeChat cash withdrawal, although there are many people, but the development of WeChat payment is undoubtedly a "one arrow and more carving" move!
First of all, for the case of cash withdrawal, the user's worst reaction and the fastest response may be: a large number of WeChat users will withdraw the change to the bank card before March 1. Among these users, there must be users who are not bound to the bank, 650 million active users of WeChat, and more than 500 million users who send and receive red packets during the Spring Festival. If a charging action increases the number of users who may be several million or even hundreds of millions of cards, it is considered to be worth it.
Secondly, refer to the "How do Chinese people grab red envelopes" released by Tencent in February this year? Internet red envelope report exclusive secret! "Penguin Think Tank" report, in the 17538 survey sample, of which 78% of the currency Internet red packets, "money" is still distributed again in the form of red packets, nearly 30% of Internet users have cash withdrawal operations. This means that in the WeChat payment system, the money is transferred more and more within the system, and a few people will withdraw it. According to this logic, the user base affected by the WeChat cash withdrawal is a minority.
The report also pointed out that 15.2% of users chose to "place", that is, there are coin purses, 12.2% for e-commerce shopping, only 9.4% for offline payment, and 2.3% for wealth management products. E-commerce shopping, offline payment and the purchase of wealth management products are even more of the WeChat payment users. However, the effect of “cash-out charges” may be to stimulate users to use “coin wallet” money for offline scene payment, purchase of wealth management products, and e-commerce shopping!
The WeChat cash withdrawal fee appears to cover the cost of bank fees, but in essence it is hoped to incite the transformation of “social chain to transaction chain”.

5 How much is the bank handling fee for WeChat?
According to WeChat, the withdrawal fee is to cover the handling fee charged by the bank. How high is the “big bank fee” that Tencent is responsible for?
According to the data of the third quarter last year, Tencent’s revenue cost was 11.014 billion yuan, of which value-added services and online advertising were 7.364 billion yuan and 2.524 billion yuan respectively. The “others” were 1.126 billion yuan. This “other” is all The bank transfer fee is only 1.126 billion yuan, about one billion yuan a year.
The performance advertising revenue increased by 160% to 2.386 billion yuan in the third quarter of last year, mainly due to the increased contribution of mobile social network performance ads such as WeChat friends circle, WeChat public account and QQ space mobile version. It is understood that although the minimum threshold for advertising in WeChat friends circle has been reduced by 50,000 yuan, during the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Monkey, WeChat friends circled the advertisement, and the amount of funds invested by a client was 20 million yuan.
From the figures of income cost and advertising revenue, WeChat has begun to have large-scale income as an operating entity.
In a sense, for Tencent, there were more than 20 billion net cash on the books in the third quarter of last year. It is not difficult to bear the bank charges of WeChat.
The only variable is: During the Spring Festival, the amount of WeChat's 33.2 billion red packets sent and received is nearly 10 times that of the same period last year. How much will the cost of WeChat increase after this number? Or how much it will increase in the next year is also unknown.

6 How much does it cost to pay?
According to the Penguin think tank report, only 2.3% of the wealth management products were purchased after the user received the WeChat red envelope. However, in this WeChat withdrawal fee, many people worry that the money is cashed out, do you want to charge?
There are two kinds of situations here. If the money of “change” enters the financial management, it will return to “change” when it is transferred out. If it is withdrawed from “change”, it will still pay more than 1,000 yuan and pay 0.1% of the fee. fee. The second situation is that if you deposit money from a bank's savings card and deposit it into the bank, then the funds will be “cash-out” from the bank to the bank card, and no withdrawal fee will be charged!

7 Is this an independent strategy for WeChat payment?
From the action intention of the WeChat cash withdrawal, and the possible shock wave, although the WeChat payment and the Alipay wallet were all kinds of battles during the Spring Festival, this time, regardless of the user’s doubts, WeChat payment began to break away from the strategy of following Alipay. Make a more advanced attack!
According to the data of the third quarterly report last September, the total number of WeChat payment and QQ wallet accounts bound to bank cards has exceeded 200 million. By the spring baptism in the first quarter of this year, the estimated data will be even more. Alipay has more than 400 million real-name users, and WeChat pays a tight bite.
For Alipay, the money is from the bank card to the payment account, the bank has to pay the fast payment fee, the money from the payment account to the payment account and from the payment account to the bank card, the bank does not collect the money. Alipay also has a cost, but it does not charge users, because the flow of funds and WeChat are different in the way of red envelopes, Alipay has a scene, money can go to Taobao, Tmall shopping, or deposit into the balance treasure.
The way of transferring funds is different. This means that WeChat payment cannot copy the path of Alipay. It is necessary to find another way to have the opportunity to overtake the curve. Perhaps it is because of this, the "down policy" of the WeChat cash withdrawal fee, but the effect may not be Worse than expected, the worst result is nothing more than canceling the charge.

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