How much do you know about solid wood cabinets?

Solid wood cabinets usually refer to solid wood cabinets made of solid wood or solid wood composite door panels in the whole cabinet. The cabinets, countertops, functional hardware accessories, etc. are still composed of the original brand configuration of the manufacturer. The solid wood wardrobe originated in Europe and America. It was introduced to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and other places in Hong Kong in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and gradually infiltrated into other provinces and cities. So if we want to buy a cabinet, what kind of material is better, how about solid wood. Let us introduce to you the price of solid wood cabinets? What are the classification of solid wood cabinets?

Solid wood cabinet price

1, the price of the cabinet is generally related to its organizational structure. Because the cabinet is a custom product different from the finished product, the price component is relatively complicated, and most of the merchants on the market are sold as Yanmi. The price of the cabinet still depends on the material of the door panel, the thickness of the cabinet material, the thickness of the backboard material, the thickness of the countertop brand, and the brand of the hardware door hinge.

2, some small brands of cabinets in a few hundred yuan a meter or so, a set of cabinets to do a few thousand or so, although cheap but poor quality, prone to cracking and other issues; and some imported brands of cabinets regardless of appearance or quality It's better, but it costs more than a hundred thousand yuan, and the high price makes it difficult for most consumers to afford. Therefore, for those who pay more attention to quality and the pursuit of quality of life, they have to look to some high-end brands, the price is around 1000-15000 yuan / metre.

What are the classification of solid wood cabinets?

1. The current wooden cabinets are divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite, and solid wood veneer. Pure solid wood cabinets have higher requirements for the consistency of wood species, and the overall nature is good. The solid wood composite cabinet is made of solid wood splicing material and the surface is covered with solid wood skin, which can also achieve the visual effect of solid wood.

2, solid wood veneer cabinets on the surface of the MDF double attached to the solid wood skin. The latter two advantages are to avoid the chromatic aberration and defects of the surface raw materials, to achieve the same texture color effect, and not easy to deform. The pure solid wood cabinets have high strength and long service life, and the latter two are more uniform in water resistance, resistant to deformation and more beautiful.

3, solid wood door panels with high-grade teak, cherry, walnut, oak, oak. In the middle block are ash, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, and low-end eucalyptus, birch, pine and paulownia.

The above we are introducing about the price of solid wood cabinets? What are the related issues in the classification of solid wood cabinets? We should have some understanding of these issues. Now the kitchen is very popular in the kitchen, because the overall cabinet decoration is very good, then the selection is very important, I hope our introduction can help everyone.

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