How to clean carpets

Carpet is a high-grade decorative material. It not only has a variety of colors, but also has anti-pollution and sound absorption characteristics. It is a very good home decoration. But if staining the carpet is a very annoying thing, how to clean the carpet ? What are the carpet buying skills? Let's take a look with the editor.

First, what are the carpet buying skills

1. Carpet pile density: The carpet pile has a tight and breathable effect, and it can also effectively absorb sound. First touch the pile with your hands. The high-quality pile density is very full, and it has the advantages of wear resistance and tread resistance. But the plush carpet is not suitable for purchase. Although this kind of plush is good-looking, it is easily deformed and not durable.

2. Look at the appearance quality: The most intuitive way to look at the appearance quality is to check its blanket surface. The blanket surface needs to be flat without color difference, and secondly, it should be checked whether it has the phenomenon of seepage, glue, and delining.

3. Color fastness: because there are many colors and patterns on the carpet, you can repeatedly rub the surface of the carpet with your hands when selecting, and then observe whether there is a color on the hand. If there is a color on the hand, it means the color of the carpet The fastness is not good, it is likely to change color and fade when used, so it is not suitable for purchase.

4. The peeling strength of the carpet backing: under normal circumstances, the back of the carpet is a layer of mesh base cloth bonded with glue, which can be gently torn by hand when purchasing. If the adhesion is not high, the bottom and the carpet body are easy to separate This kind of carpet is often not durable.

Second, how to clean the carpet

1. If there is ink, juice, etc. on the carpet, immediately use a dry towel or towel to absorb, and then use a neutral detergent to scrub. When brushing, pay attention to brushing from the outside to the inside, this can effectively avoid the spread of stains.

2. If it is dust on the surface of the fluffy carpet, you can use a household vacuum cleaner and a sticky hair cleaner to clean it. First clean the carpet twice with a vacuum cleaner, and then use a sticky hair cleaner to clean the corners of the carpet. This cleaning effect is very good.

3. It can also be cleaned with vinegar, which can not only prevent the carpet from fading, but also eliminate some odors in the carpet. First, add 4 cups of vinegar to four liters of warm water, shake well, and then wipe the carpet with a towel soaked. After wiping, put the carpet in a ventilated place to dry.

Editor's summary: The carpeted floor will hide a lot of bacteria, so the floor must be cleaned frequently so that it can benefit our health. Secondly, when choosing a rug, do n’t be greedy for cheap, but choose a good-quality rug.

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