How to create a beautiful and practical kitchen space for kitchen decoration

A perfect home not only needs a very beautiful decoration, but also needs a complete function. The cooking room is a very important space in the home and it is where we cook our food. The exquisite kitchen space allows us to have a better mood to cook more delicious food. What are the precautions for kitchen decoration? If you want to create a perfect kitchen space? The following people will follow Xiao Bian to make a detailed understanding.

Kitchen decoration note

In the actual renovation, some homeowners would blindly create a lot of storage space in order to allow the cooking room in the home to have more storage space, and did not consider the problem of kitchen space at all. In fact, the more cabinets, the better, but it should be reasonable and effective. Too many cabinets not only take up part of the activity area, but also make the kitchen appear to be heavily depressed.

Kitchen Room Decoration Notice II

Many owners often only install a ceiling lamp when they are decorating the cooking room. In fact, this is not enough for cooking room lighting. The most reasonable way is, in addition to the top of the installation of ceiling lamps, we can also install a spotlight on the washing station and console, this type of shooting light line, convenient switch, so that your eyes are liberated.

Kitchen room decoration notice three

In the modern cooking room, the cabinet is the standard for the cooking room. It not only makes the cooking room more tidy, but also greatly increases the aesthetics of the kitchen. When buying cabinets, we must carefully check the quality of the hardware. This is because the quality of hardware accessories directly determines the quality and service life of the cabinet. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, people may wish to first look at the hardware brands they use, and try their best to select high-end hardware products.

Kitchen room decoration notice four

Many people mistakenly believe that the closer the hood is to the tabletop, the better the effect of removing fumes is. This is in fact a misunderstanding. The reasonable distance between the hood and the stove should be 80cm. The effect of shortening the corresponding distance is almost the same. . Therefore, the range hood can be installed on the basis of the height of the owner. The height of the hood is usually about 80 cm and should not be too high or too low.

Kitchen decoration note five

There are some young owners who, in pursuit of their individuality, will put some uneven surface tiles on the kitchen wall. This is also wrong. Because the kitchen fumes are more, there are often some oil stains on the wall, grease will stick in the gaps and pores difficult to remove, thus affecting the kitchen's clean and beautiful. Therefore, when choosing tiles such as ceiling tiles, aluminum buckles, and art design doors, you should use a flat, smooth surface.

The cooking room is a very important space in the home. Everyone may refer to the above points before decorating to strive for a beautiful and comfortable kitchen space. The above is about Xiaobian's notes on kitchen decoration and the related sharing of beautiful and practical kitchen space. If you have more questions, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia Information. More exciting content will be provided for you later. .

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