How to decorate the house so no longer worry about decoration white

When we buy a house, we naturally need to consider how to decorate the house. Many homebuyers are not very familiar with the decoration and can't help but worry about it. Today we will introduce the following contents and learn together how to decorate the house !

How to decorate the house - design plan

If the user is not very familiar with the decoration, it is recommended to find a professional decoration company, design a complete set of design options, of course, can also be directly on the Internet to find a designer for home improvement planning. Before carrying out the design, it is necessary to make actual measurements of the home improvement space and to make reasonable plans in conjunction with the needs of the decoration users.

How to Renovate a House?

After the design plan is confirmed, the decoration can be started. The first stage is the demolition of the main body, which includes the wall demolition wall and the demolition of heating. If it is second-hand housing still need to shovel wall, this stage, in fact, is to put up the main frame of the decoration space.

How to Renovate a House - Hydropower Renovation

Before the hydropower reform, it is necessary to determine the installation location first, and it needs to be grooved according to the design and construction drawings. During the construction process, it is necessary to check whether the hood of the smoke machine will affect the installation of the smoke machine. It is also necessary to check whether the position of the water meter is proper. Finally, it is also necessary to check whether the position of the water outlet is convenient for installing the water tank. When hydropower is reformed, attention should be paid to the arrangement of the lines, and the horizontal and vertical lines should be adhered to. After the transformation is completed, waterproof measures must be taken for the kitchens and bathrooms.

How to Renovate the House - Mud-wood Stage

In the construction of the mud and wood stage, the person who is dirty is the first person to work on, and the mason first performs the construction. Generally, it is to tile the tile. Before this, it is necessary to level the ground. The floor drain is also installed in this process. Followed by woodwork approach, including the installation of ceilings, cabinets and other production.

How to Renovate a House - Paint Stage

Before the paint stage, the wall surface must be leveled before construction. After each process is constructed, it is necessary to clean the garbage, which facilitates the subsequent process. Need to first base treatment, scrape three times putty, and then carry out a finish on both sides of the paint, if the furniture needs to be painted, but also in this process.

How to Renovate a House - Installation Works

After the painting stage, installation work can be carried out. First, the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom space needs to be installed, and the lamps and exhaust fans are installed together. Then the installation of cabinets, wooden doors, and floors is performed.

How to Renovate a House - Wasteland Cleaning

After the construction of the above phases is completed, it is necessary to carry out the treatment of wasteland cleaning and clean the entire decoration space. Then there is the entrance of the furniture. At this stage, the house decoration is completed.

How to decorate the house , Xiao Bian temporarily introduced here, I hope to help you. If you want to learn more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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