How to prevent nuclear radiation?

Clothing: Changing clothes in time and washing with soap can avoid trace radiation

90% of the external radiation pollution can be reduced by taking off clothes and shoes, and the radiation on the skin can also be washed away with soap and water.

Food: dietary fiber, marine plant foods or radiation protection

There are many food ingredients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, polyphenol compounds in plants and even polysaccharides, etc. There are some preliminary animal experiments that show "may have an effect."

Live: Close the air inlet to use recirculated air

If evacuation is required, pay attention to keeping windows and vents closed and using recirculated air. If staying indoors: turn off air conditioners, ventilating fans, boilers and other air inlets.

Line: Avoid rain and snow to reduce exposed parts of the body

Avoid rain. Minimize bare parts, wear long clothes (white is better), wear hats, scarves, glasses, raincoats, gloves, and boots. The neck (thyroid) is especially important.

Medicine: A small amount of iodine tablets to prevent iodine 1314, but be cautious

The most common method for iodine 131 is to contain some iodine tablets and eat a little iodine, so as to prevent radioactive iodine from reaching the thyroid of our body. But do n’t eat anything.

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