How to prevent theft and robbery

What if someone snatches your money? Once such a situation is encountered, it should be dealt with mainly by minimizing losses and reducing skin and skin pain.

When you are robbed, you must try to break free, escape as soon as possible, and run and shout: "There are bad people robbing!" If you ca n’t take things away when you break free, such as the hat fell to the ground, the school bag was pulled, do n’t care about it, Mainly to break free. Struggling, shouting, and running represent your courage to fight.

How to prevent theft

First, we must pay attention to the confidentiality of family property. The valuables, cash, bonds, and stocks in the family cannot be easily revealed, including to certain relatives, friends, and neighbors. Do n’t hand over the keys in your home to others to prevent people with bad intentions from stealing the keys and looking for theft; if the keys are lost, you must change the lock immediately; you ca n’t interact with people with unknown details, and you ca n’t bring them to your home. Prevent "leading the wolf into the room" ...

When you go out, try not to bring a lot of cash; when people are crowded, don't just look for shopping goods and tickets and ignore the safety of the bag, protect your belongings with your hands and body, and always be alert to people who behave abnormally around you ...

Another point is: when you put your schoolbag or leather bag in the bicycle basket, hang it on the handlebar or clip it to the rear frame, try to tie the "bag" to the bicycle and lock it, or else, It's so convenient for bad guys to hold! Do n’t put your bag on the car when you go to the road to avoid bad people taking the opportunity to steal.

What to do if you find someone is stealing

If the thief is stealing indoors, you can take the following methods:

(1) If the thief is found indoors, and the thief has not yet found someone to return, he can quickly go outside and call someone, and at the same time tell others to report to the public security organ, in order to steal the thief. If the thief has vehicles such as cars and bicycles, he must write down the license plate number.
(2) If the burglar inside has found someone coming, call the surrounding residents loudly, and ask everyone to help catch the criminal and send it to the public security organ. If you live in a building, you must remember the thief's appearance, posture, clothing, etc., and run down while shouting, so as not to jump the wall.
(3) For those criminals who find that they are escaping immediately, they must promptly follow up to check their escape direction, identify their posture, appearance, clothing, tools and vehicles that may be dropped or taken away, report to parents and teachers in time, and call " The 110 "alarm phone reports to the public security organ.
(4) If the criminal finds that the person is a primary and secondary school student and asks for forgiveness or rhetoric, he must not lose compassion for the criminals. At the same time, we should pay attention to the struggle strategy. On the surface, we can pretend to be unseen, indifferent, or fearful expressions, stabilize the criminal, prevent him from hurting you, and then look for opportunities to escape the alarm.

What to do after being stolen

Try to be as calm as possible and report to the police station immediately. If you are stolen at home, you must protect the scene. Don't move around or move around. If you have family property insurance in your home, do n’t forget to notify the insurance company.

What to do if you find someone pickpocketing

1) When a young child discovers a thief in the car, do not confront him head-on. The best way is to inform the conductor or driver wisely and flexibly.
2) When it is discovered that the thief is going to pickpocket his belongings, just look at him positively to show that he has noticed that the thief will stop naturally and will not cause trouble.
3) When it is found that the thief is going to pickpocket others, he can shout "Be careful of being stolen" to attract the attention of the pickpocket, so that the thief will not succeed.
4) When you find yourself stolen or others are pickpocketed, do n’t panic, keep calm, immediately inform the ticket clerk or driver not to open the door, drive the car to the public security organ or the parking place for inspection according to the actual situation Throwing stolen goods outside the car and whether there are several people passing items to each other.

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