How to Renovate the Renovation Steps of Blank Houses

In today's skyrocketing housing prices, rough housing has been favored by many people. However, how to decorate rough houses has become a question of many owners. There are many items and materials that need to be dealt with in the renovation of rough houses. It is important to understand the steps to carry out renovations. The following small series to find out how to decorate the rough room , a friend in need can look!

How to decorate rough room

Step 1, measuring area

Before the renovation, you need to have a clear understanding of the area in your home. First clarify the area involved in the renovation process. In particular, the tile area, wall tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, and floor area; secondly, the size of the wall surface, in particular, the size of the wall surface on which furniture should be placed.

Step 2, subject demolition

The demolition of the main body includes the demolition of walls, walls, shovels, and steel windows. Dismantled garbage should be cleared out in time to ensure indoor cleanliness and facilitate construction. It should be reminded that this stage is best to set the finished door, because the finished product delivery cycle is longer

Step 3, hydropower reform

Before carrying out the hydropower reform, it is necessary to determine the approximate location of cabinets, hoods, stoves, water heaters, and furniture in the future, and to arrange the use of each space, and then carry out hydropower reforms. Otherwise, once the wall tiles are well affixed and ceilings are sealed, it would be a hassle to add outlets.

Step 4: Bricklayers and painters debut

Before bricklayers enter the market, they must first buy tiles and buy a floor drain before tiling. After the tile enters the field, it is ready for tiling after waterproofing and brushing. At the same time as the tiling, the size of the basin and the faucet are determined, and the cabinet designer is invited to visit the house for the second time. At the same time, you must also purchase wall paints, wallpapers, etc. Next, it was the painter's turn to enter the wall. In addition to leveling and grinding, it is recommended to brush the paint at least twice. If you want to stick wallpaper, after the wall paint brush is good, you can apply the wallpaper to the master. While bricklayers and painters are entering, don't forget to purchase panels, sockets, and fixtures.

Step 5, Installing Panels and Kitchen Ceilings

Sockets are best bought with a switch function, especially the kitchen, so rice cookers, microwave ovens can avoid plugging and unplugging the power supply, and can be controlled with a switch. While installing the socket, you should purchase a ceiling for the bathroom and kitchen. If you need to install Yuba, it is best to buy and install it before the ceiling.

Step 6, Install Cabinets and Finished Doors

The installation of cabinets is a cooperative project, so smokers, cooking appliances and sinks should be ordered in advance. It is best to send it on the same day and install it with the cabinet. The reason why the finished product door is to be installed at this time is because the finished door installation should be installed before the floor, mainly because of the complex installation steps, hinges, door locks, door suctions, door frames, etc. There are many tools used, such as installing the floor first. It's hard to avoid bumping.

Step 7, install clothes hangers, and then install the floor

The reason why it is recommended to install drying racks, curtain rods, lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware, and then install the floor is because these projects have a lot of ash, and it can be done before installing the floor to avoid insulting the floor.

Step 8, furniture, appliance approach

After the hard-installation was completed, it was the turn of furniture, home appliances and fabrics. Before entering the market, furniture should be prepared with the following items: disposable shoe covers and boxes of activated carbon, ladders, and floor protection films.

The above is the introduction of the steps for how to decorate the rough room brought by Xiao Bian to everyone. After reading, is there more understanding of the rough room decoration? I hope the above can help everyone, if you want to know other relevant information, please Continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Blank House House Renovation Steps

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