How to solve the cracking of wooden furniture? Hanmas Furniture tells you

In the current furniture market, solid wood furniture has been favored by consumers because of its many advantages, such as good texture, environmental protection, and high-end atmosphere. However, there are some problems in solid wood furniture that plague many consumers, such as the problem that solid wood furniture is prone to cracking. So, what is the reason that solid wood furniture is easy to crack? And how to prevent cracking of solid wood furniture? Let's take a look at this knowledge with the small series of Hanmas solid wood office furniture .


First of all, let's first understand what causes the cracking of solid wood furniture. The phenomenon of cracking of solid wood furniture is first of all due to the climate. The alternating replacement of the whole year will inevitably lead to a large or reduced humidity in the air. At this time, many solid wood furniture will appear hot and cold, which will cause cracking. phenomenon. Another point is that when workers are processing wood, it is also possible to cut the solid wood furniture by cutting corners. Ordinary use of solid wood furniture is not correct, it will also cause cracking.
In the production process of solid wood furniture, people mainly take two methods to prevent solid wood cracking. First, the surface of the wood is sealed to isolate the dry moisture exchange between the wood and the air, thereby maintaining the stability of the wood and controlling the deformation and cracking of the wood. Second, drying the wood to control the moisture to a level compatible with the local average air humidity, reducing the excessive exchange of moisture between the air and the wood, maintaining a relative balance, the wood is not easy to crack and deform, the state stipulates the wood The moisture content is between 8% and 12%, in order to effectively control the deformation and cracking of the wood.
So, how do people prevent cracking of solid wood furniture during daily use? First of all, Hanmasi solid wood office furniture recommended that solid wood furniture should not be placed near the radiator. Long-time high-temperature baking tends to cause local cracking, warping, deformation, and even local qualitative changes in the wood. At the same time, the furniture should not be placed in a very humid place. The wood is easy to swell when wet, and it will deform and rot over a long period of time. Consumers should carefully check the moisture content of the furniture sheet when purchasing solid wood furniture, which can greatly reduce the chance of deformation and cracking during future use. In general, wood moisture content below 10% is more suitable for the weather in the south.
All in all, the most important way to prevent cracking of solid wood furniture is to control the temperature and humidity. As long as the proper humidity and humidity conditions, solid wood furniture is not easy to crack and mold.

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