In order to carry out the theft for drug use, the safe will be "potted"

Recently, Chang'an District Court heard a case of theft or concealing the proceeds of concealed crimes. The defendants Wu and Liu were sentenced to three years and six months of imprisonment and one year imprisonment for the crime of theft and concealment of concealed crimes.
The defendants Wu Mou and Liu Mou were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for committing theft and intentional injury. After the release of his sentence, Wu was repeatedly taught to use drugs. On the night of July 13, 2015, Wu went to a mobile phone store in Chang’an alone to carry out theft. He first cut the surveillance camera and alarm wires and found no valuable assets. When the safe was found to be open, it simply “even pan”, and he stole the safe with a stolen electric tricycle. After Wu called the defendant Liu, the two bought a welding torch, rented a gas can, cut the safe, failed, and cut the bottom of the safe with a wheel cutting machine to remove the mobile phone and cash from the safe, and took it out. The mobile phone was sold and the money was squandered. The amount involved was more than 40,000 yuan.
The two defendants took the risk of taking drugs and thought that they had committed a crime. After committing the crime, they fled to the field. However, the law network was extensive, sparsely leaking, and was eventually sentenced to punishment. /

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