ISG pipeline pump in the use of precautions

ISG-type vertical pipe hot water (high temperature) pump is widely used in conveying water and physical and chemical properties similar to other liquids used in water, water pipe network booster, industrial and urban water supply and drainage, garden sprinkler irrigation , Fire pressurization, long distance transmission, HVAC refrigeration cycle, bathroom and other heating and cooling water cycle pressure booster and equipment support. Now to introduce the use of ISG pipeline pump considerations. ISG Vertical Pipeline Pump ISG Vertical Pipeline Pump Notes 1, ISG vertical pipe pump in operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature 3 ℃, high temperature not exceeding 80 ℃. 2, to the pipe pump bearing body bearing lubrication oil, observe the oil level should be at the oil center line, the lubricating oil should be promptly replaced or added. 3, Unscrew the diversion plugs of the pipe pump body, pour water (or cited pulp). 4, close the pipeline pump outlet pipe valve and outlet pressure gauge and import vacuum gauge. 5, start the pipeline pump motor, when the normal operation of the pipeline pump, open the outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum pump, depending on their display of appropriate pressure, and gradually open the gate valve, while checking the motor load conditions. 6, try to control the flow and lift of the pipeline pump within the range indicated on the label, in order to ensure that the pipeline pump at maximum efficiency point of operation, in order to get the maximum energy saving effect. 7, the pipeline pump to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor. 8, Regular inspection of pipeline pump sleeve wear, wear larger should be promptly replaced. 9, the pipeline pump in winter season, after parking, you need to unscrew the lower part of the pump drain plugs put the media net, to prevent frost cracking. 10, long-term deactivation of the pipeline pump, pipe pump required to be all open, dry the water, the rotating parts and joints coated with grease installed, properly preserved. 11, pipeline pump in the first month of work, after 100 hours to replace the oil, after each 500 hours, oil change time. 12, often adjust the pipe pump packing gland to ensure normal drip filling room indoor (as a drop of leakage is appropriate). Further Reading: pump valve pipe fittings Exhibition 2016 Exhibition of Information Industry, Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Yao Xiaoxia (QQ / micro letter:) (Hotline :)

The compressor circulates the refrigerant and increases the temperature and pressure of the gas refrigerant to make it easy to liquefy in the condenser.

The condenser condenses the refrigerant to release heat absorbed in the evaporator.

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