Jason: Original design of Chinese and modern solid wood furniture


In the past two years, JASON has focused on the original design of Chinese furniture and modern solid wood furniture and achieved good market results. Next year, it will continue to adhere to the mahogany and solid wood design, while trying European and Chinese solid wood design. The 2014 Shenzhen International Furniture Fair Jieshen will bring the latest original works with both market and artistic value.

There is a kind of solid wood, simple but "chewy"

The pressure of modern urban life is huge. How to integrate technology, fashion and natural ecology has become the theme of green life. This product adds natural elements such as sunlight, petals, rain dew and vines to the modern solid wood wind. The bedside table adopts the rounded rectangular elements of Apple electrical appliances, and adopts the three-dimensional cutting process to present a fashionable atmosphere, warm and full product design.

Poetic life, natural law

The inspiration for the design of this series of products stems from the architectural elements of the Hui School, which uses art to restore the authentic and simple poetic life in Jiangnan. It refines and simplifies the traditional cultural elements to make it more in line with modern aesthetic needs; integrates the humanistic philosophy of China's sky-round place, expresses the connotation of the Jiangnan water country; extracts the unique and beautiful rhythm of Jiangnan, the main and subtle, distinct design, sense of quality and quality The sense is outstanding; retain the traditional craft details of mahogany furniture, such as tenon and mortise, Yin and Yang line, etc., to infuse Lingxiu with thickness and stability.

Elephant is invisible, mahogany solid wood mix and match fashion

Inspired by the Arborian bed with rosewood inlaid in small leaves and rosewood during the Qianlong period. Combining big leaf red sandalwood with Burmese rosewood to reproduce the precious mahogany inlay craftsmanship; retain traditional craftsmanship and combine the natural ornamentation (peony, auspicious grass) with the auspicious ornamentation (kui dragon pattern, backgrain) in the manner of decoration The auspicious meaning of wealth, auspiciousness; innovative use of modern elements such as special shapes and curves, while simplifying the tedious carvings, blending quality with fashion.

Mingfeng Jinyun, feelings

This series is based on the Ming-style mahogany Qinghe design and innovatively adds elegant elements such as official hats and cheongsams. It is simple and convenient, combining modern fashion with elegance and oriental spirituality into a beautiful life picture. Humanized design, the soft bag is integrated into the mahogany wood, the shape is elegant, the color is fashionable, and it is closer to the modern and comfortable home life; the bed head design is integrated with the official hat shape, the lines are soothing and smooth; the middle is lit with Chinese cheongsam neckline and elegant, and the bedside table The handle of the plate buckle echoes with a deep sense of charm.

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