Left and right happy home experience


At the Shenzhen exhibition in March 2014, the left and right scene living room series and the Pollock series will be exhibited at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. The left and right living room series is the most popular mass product series on the left and right, and is also the series with the highest market share of leather sofas in China. In the past, the living room in the left and right scenarios mainly occupied the markets of the first, second and third tier cities. This time around, new products will be launched that are specifically aimed at the fourth, fifth, and sixth tier cities and exist in the form of large stores.


In 2013, the company ’s five-year strategic plan was formulated, and the company ’s goal of becoming the number one sofa brand in China ’s domestic market in the next five years was set. According to this goal, the left and right will be fully upgraded in terms of company management structure, management system, operation mechanism, etc. At the same time, the country will be deployed in production, the production and logistics base will be built, and the market will sink to the fourth, fifth and sixth tier cities to promote the large store model.


With the improvement of domestic living standards, people's concept of home consumption has also advanced by leaps and bounds, and attention is paid to creating a happy home culture. To put it simply, it means creating happy employees internally, creating a happy enterprise, producing happy products externally, and spreading a happy culture. The internal happiness mainly depends on the corporate culture, advocating daily goodness and right-and-left spirit, and creating a harmonious, relaxed and happy working atmosphere within the enterprise. Whether in terms of quality, environmental protection, design or after-sales service, the left and right sofas are providing consumers with a happy experience. In addition, the right and left actively convey the concept of happiness to the society, such as the slogan "Happiness is not far, it is right and left", emphasizing "happiness, not how much you can control, but how much is yours," is to pass positive energy Improve people's happiness.


Pollock series


Luxury collections, great achievers, have their own extraordinary. An upper-class private land of life, condensed artistic inspiration and achieved a model of honor. Pollock inherits the free and natural style of American furniture and extracts the classics of European furniture craftsmanship and technology.

Living room series


Volkswagen Classic, the left and right scene living room is the core brand of the left and right families, and it is also the brand with the highest market share of the Chinese Volkswagen sofa. The left and right living rooms are the first to bring the monotonous and sturdy living room furniture of Chinese families into the era of fashionable and more artistic modern home furnishing, and provide a comfortable and classic living room furniture product for the Chinese public family.



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