License plate recognition for electric telescopic door

Recently, customers often ask, can the electric retractable door be equipped with a license plate recognition system?
In this way, the electric telescopic door can be used to control the entry and exit of vehicles during the day, and the electric telescopic door can be closed directly at night. Isn't it safer and more reliable?
So is it possible to install license plate recognition on the electric retractable door? What professional equipment should be added? Today I will show you how to refit it.
Electric door modified into license plate recognition equipment needs to be installed:
1. Replacing the mainboard controller of the electric telescopic door equipped with the ground sensing function, so as to support the ground sensing function
2. Install a ground-sensing detector for automatic door closing and anti-pinch function when the vehicle passes by
3. Install a ground sense coil to sense passing vehicles
4. Install a set of in and out license plate recognition equipment, the channel is more than 6 meters, it is recommended to install an auxiliary camera to assist in and out of vehicle license plate recognition rate
5. Install Gigabit switch for connection and communication between license plate recognition equipment and management computer
6. Install a management computer, which requires CPU: i3 Quad-core and above Graphics card: Independent graphics card, memory 1G and above Network: Support Gigabit (network card and switch) Memory: 4G and above Hard disk: 500G and above Display resolution: 1440 * 900 operating system win7 32-bit flagship system is enough.

The typical GMAW welding gun has a number of key parts-a control switch, a contact tip, a power cable, a gas nozzle, an electrode conduit and liner, and a gas hose. The control switch, or trigger, when pressed by the operator, initiates the wire feed, electric power, and the shielding gas flow, causing an electric arc to be struck. The contact tip, normally made of Copper and sometimes chemically treated to reduce spatter, is connected to the welding power source through the power cable and transmits the electrical energy to the electrode while directing it to the weld area. It must be firmly secured and properly sized, since it must allow the electrode to pass while maintaining electrical contact. On the way to the contact tip, the wire is protected and guided by the electrode conduit and liner, which help prevent buckling and maintain an uninterrupted wire feed. The gas nozzle directs the shielding gas evenly into the welding zone. Inconsistent flow may not adequately protect the weld area. Larger nozzles provide greater shielding gas flow, which is useful for high current welding operations that develop a larger molten weld pool. A gas hose from the tanks of shielding gas supplies the gas to the nozzle. Sometimes, a water hose is also built into the welding gun, cooling the gun in high heat operations.[

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