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Modern people pay attention to the pursuit of quality of life. People are increasingly pursuing a combination of fashion and simplicity in the style of home decoration. In the choice of bedroom doors, people will also choose more high-quality wooden doors, in recent years in the bathroom In the choice of doors, many people also tend to choose wooden doors, but because the bathroom is relatively wet, there will be moisture or cracking in the use of wooden doors. Households with heavy moisture will also have mold in the bathroom, so in Use some small methods to use the wooden door, and say goodbye to the deformation of the wooden door in the bathroom.

01Ensure air circulation in the bathroom

The phenomenon that the wooden door of the bathroom is cracked due to moisture is caused by poor indoor air circulation. Therefore, pay attention to the smoothness of the air during use. At present, many home toilets do not have windows, and the ventilation fan is not often opened during the use of the bathroom. , Leading to an increase in indoor humidity, which also causes a lot of moisture in the wooden door. When installing the wooden door in the bathroom, pay attention to the certain distance between the wooden door and the shower area, and ensure that there is no water stains on the wooden door. , To be cleaned up immediately to prevent water droplets from entering the interior of the wooden door, causing the wooden door to be damp and deformed.

02Ensure air circulation in the bathroom

In home decoration, there is no obvious dry and wet separation in many family toilet areas, which leads to excess moisture in use. The normal toilet area should be clearly divided. The normal shower area has water stains, but it is not in the rain area. Make sure that the decision is dry. If water stains are found, they should be removed in time. If the bathroom has a high humidity, you can use a dehumidifier.

03Ensure air circulation in the bathroom

Wooden door products are different from other products. The internal core materials and processes are difficult to distinguish. Many wooden door companies on the market use inferior materials for filling, but the selling price is relatively high. For these wooden door companies on the market, we want Be vigilant at all times, so choose wooden doors of big brands when buying.

04 Door cover moisture-proof can not be ignored

Many people often overlook the choice of door covers when buying wooden doors. In fact, door covers play a key role in the whole wooden door accessories. Especially in the use of bathroom wooden doors, the requirements for door covers are higher. Many doors on the market The material of the sleeve is filled with chipboard, which is particularly susceptible to moisture erosion during use, resulting in cracking or deformation.

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