Mai Tai Bao world's first rechargeable magnetic drill MAG 28 LTX 32

MAG 28 LTX 32 Technology Advantage Safe suction, precise drilling, free from the shackles of wires!

The Mai Tai Bao cordless magnetic drilling machine is equipped with a 25.2 V 3 Ah lithium battery and is the world's first rechargeable magnetic drilling machine. Users can drill holes anywhere to get rid of the power cord. If Mai Tai Bao's new "ultra-thin" hollow drill bit is used, the drilling speed will increase by 40%. The strong adsorption force ensures that the machine can drill holes in horizontal and vertical surfaces, and it is even safe to drill holes in the top of the head.

LTX high-performance motor, two-speed gearbox and overload protection and other features make the drilling work perfect. If it is to be constructed in ducts, bridges, stadiums, and hulls, the MAG32LTX28 is absolutely the safest, most accurate, and highly mobile metal drilling tool.

Product Features • High mobility, easy to use • Excellent drilling performance, diameter up to 32mm
• Two-speed gearboxes provide the best possible drilling speed. • Reasonable distribution of power and weight, which reduces the weight of the machine and ensures sufficient power output. • The backup battery makes the machine more flexible and the operating time is doubled. The pointer on the block shows the current attraction of the magnet. There is also a seat belt in the standard, which reduces the chance of falling magnets. • The machine can be quickly moved to the nearest drilling position with a low suction force. • The unique design of the curved magnet bottom surface can be tightly absorbed above 90 mm in diameter. MAG 28 LTX 32 on the steel tube Technical parameters Battery type: Lithium Battery voltage: 25.2 V/3 amps Maximum drilling diameter Hollow drill: 32 mm Twist drill: 13 mm Maximum drilling depth: 50 mm Magnet and base Travel: 160 mm magnet Base size: 70*190mm No-load rotation speed: 380/680 rpm / Clamp type: Weldon 19mm (3/4")
Height (including motor)
Lowered to the lowest position: 455 mm Raised to the highest position: 615 mm Weight: 14.5 kg Order No.

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