Modern Chinese Style Decoration Style Points Modern Chinese Style Decoration Style Notes

Nowadays, the style of home improvement continues to evolve, but there is a style that seems to be timeless and new. It is the new Chinese style. In recent years, this style has become very popular. It is favored by owners who have a calm personality and enjoy traditional Chinese culture. However, many homeowners are in touch with modern Chinese style for the first time. They often do not understand this style well. What are the main points of modern Chinese style decoration? What are the notes on modern Chinese style decoration? The following article will share these questions with you and look forward to helping your friends.

Modern Chinese style decoration

The popularity of this style is mainly because it combines the simplicity of the modern style with the classical style of Chinese style. The composition of modern Chinese style is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture (mainly Ming and Qing furniture based), decorations and black, red-based decorative colors. The indoor use of symmetrical layout, elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, rich and mature colors. Chinese traditional interior furnishings include calligraphy, painting, hanging screens, bonsai, porcelain, antiques, screens, shelves, and so on, in pursuit of a self-cultivation of the realm of life. The characteristics of Chinese traditional interior decoration arts are symmetrical and balanced overall layout, and they are sound and upright, and admire natural tastes on decorative details, with flowers, birds, fish and insects carved and full of changes, fully embodying the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

Modern Chinese style decoration notes

Some owners mistakenly believe that this style is a simple accumulation of classical elements. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, this style is the integration of classical elements in modern style. It is a set of “tailored” solutions based on experience, ability to control design elements, and in-depth analysis of the owners faced. .

Modern Chinese style decoration notes two

Everyone should make good use of decorative colors when creating such styles, and pay attention to the harmony and unity of hard and soft outfits. In order to achieve a good decoration effect, everyone in the renovation should take into consideration the overall color of the space. In addition, the emphasis on Chinese-style decoration is "authentic" and a very natural and harmonious mix. If it is simply conceived and placed, the subsequent effects will be greatly reduced. The color of the decoration is generally used in brown, this color is particularly simple and natural. But if the whole color of the house is brown, it will give people a feeling of depression.

Modern Chinese style decoration notes three

In order to allow the new home to present its classical and fashionable beauty, we should also pay attention to the furnishings of homes and must not place traditional items in a random arrangement. Assume that putting a dappled tub on an elegant mahogany table to make a fruit basket is very inappropriate. Everyone should pay attention to their function when using these traditional instruments.

Modern Chinese style decoration notes four

Many owners are often very upset when decorating such styles. They do not know where to start. In fact, the modern Chinese style is not so difficult to create, grasp these points can be: 1, Chinese-style decoration of the wall, the ground and ordinary decoration is no different. Wall with white latex paint or light wallpaper can be. The floor should use wood floors, stone, floor tiles, and carpets. 2. Chinese-style decorative materials are wood-based. 3, pay attention to sculpture painting, elegant shape. The color is mainly dark and calm. 4, because the color of Chinese furniture is generally relatively deep, so that the entire room color can be coordinated. Space level attention to the use of partitions, screens to split.

The above is about the modern Chinese style decoration style points and the modern Chinese style decoration style notes related to sharing, for everyone to be a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will show more exciting content for everyone.

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