Non-toxic Natural Mineral Battery Successfully Launched: Completely Phase out of Graphite

Non-toxic Natural Mineral Battery Successfully Launched: Completely Phase out of Graphite

At present, batteries are becoming an integral part of both digital and electric vehicles.

However, the extensive use and elimination of batteries also raise concerns about environmental protection.

Now, after three years of hard work, the Taiwanese research team finally discovered a non-toxic and harmless battery that was completely taken from nature.

According to media reports, after three years of research and development, the team led by two faculty members, Hong Feiyi and Lu Chuansheng, of the Department of Materials at the University of Sustainability has finally made a "natural ore battery."

The serpentine-based ore battery is low in cost, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. More importantly, serpentine can be used not only for the positive electrode but also can be introduced into the negative electrode through carbonization. It has the dual-cell characteristic and has great development potential.

Serpentine is the name of a silicate mineral group (containing magnesium, iron, silicon, etc.), with a small electrical capacity of 15mAh/g.

Considering that the structure of the natural ore does not fully meet the requirements of the team, the natural serpentine is ground into a powder for further vulcanization, and the modified magnesium silicate silicate powder is obtained. After the powder is assembled by the battery, it is confirmed that the positive electrode material has charge and discharge characteristics, and The battery performance has increased by a factor of 4 to 60 mAh/g.

Professor Hong Feiyi pointed out that serpentine can not only be used as a battery anode after vulcanization, but also can be carbonized and introduced into the battery anode. The team grinds the serpentine into powder and fructose, and then oxidizes and sinters at high temperature to produce magnesium silicate silicate powder, which is superior to the normal graphite anode used today.

Professor Hong Feiyi said that there are many serpentine stores, prices are close to the people, and even after the sulfurization treatment is also not toxic, there is no environmental protection issues for waste battery recycling. After being carbonized, it is also more environmentally friendly than the negative electrode graphite anodes currently used in the world. The low cost and environmental protection characteristics of the ore battery make it possible for future development.

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