Patrol management system

The patrol management system can be composed of an independent system with a computer, or it can be incorporated into the entire monitoring system. But for an intelligent building or community, the patrol management system should be merged with other subsystems to form a complete building automation system.

The main function and function of the patrol management system is to ensure that the patrol duty personnel can reach the designated patrol point for patrol according to the route and time specified by the patrol procedure, and at the same time protect the patrol personnel's safety.

The system structure of the patrol management system is divided into:
Field controller;
monitoring Center;
Patrol point key switch.

The working process of the patrol management system is as follows:
The patrol personnel arrive at the designated patrol point within the specified time, use a special key to turn on the patrol switch or press the button on the patrol signal box, and send a "patrol in place" signal to the system monitoring center. At the same time when receiving the signal, it will record the time of the patrol in place, the patrol point number and other information. If the designated patrol point does not receive the "in place" signal from the patrol personnel within the specified time, the patrol point will send an alarm signal to the monitoring center; if the patrol point does not turn on the patrol switch in the prescribed order or Press the button to deal with this immediately.

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