Pine wood home has a taste how to remove the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture analysis

Is pinewood furniture harmful due to the volatilization of pine oil contained in the pine wood? No! Although this smell is mostly harmless to the human body, and the paint produced in the pine wood furniture also odours, it is very disturbing. Here the furniture network Xiaobian introduced several methods of deodorization of pine furniture , teach you how to remove the pine wood home has a taste .


First look at the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture

First, the advantages of pine furniture

Pine furniture is not perfect, although there are disadvantages, but the advantages are also many!

1. Environmental protection and appearance

Pine furniture will be more environmentally friendly than other furniture, especially if the amount of formaldehyde contained in paint-sprayed furniture is extremely high. Due to the elasticity and air permeability of pine furniture, even if it is painted pine furniture, the formaldehyde content will be much lower than other furniture. Unpainted pine furniture retains its original features, natural lines and natural beauty. No pollution.

2. Design simple and fashionable

Pine wood has a clear and simple wood grain path. The color tone of the wood is pleasing to the eye and the texture is outstanding. This is one of the reasons why many rural style lovers choose.

3. Good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance

Usually with a soft cloth along the texture of the wood grain, dust to the furniture can be.

4. Easy to transport

Pine furniture with a removable structure is extremely convenient during transportation.


Second, the disadvantages of pine furniture

1. Pine furniture is not sun-resistant, easy to change color in sunshine

Due to the characteristics of the pine wood itself, the water content is high and soft, so it is not as strong as other solid wood, and it is relatively prone to cracking and deformation. Pine wood that has not been processed by paint is naturally fresh and bright, but at the same time there is a worrying shortcoming. If neglecting the maintenance of pine furniture, the pine wood furniture will appear discolored after exposure and affect its natural beauty.

2 pine furniture is not moisture, moisture and easy to change color

In the period of South China, it is easy to see the shortcomings of pine furniture. Pine furniture is prone to discoloration in wet weather.

3. Painted pine furniture is also easy to change color

In order to cater to the decorative features of modern homes, many manufacturers perform paint spraying and other processing on the basis of pine furniture. By covering up some of the shortcomings of pine wood itself, it also loses the natural beauty of pine furniture, combined with the second point. We can also infer that there is a long time, and paint-sprayed pine furniture also has the disadvantage of easy discoloration.

4. Pine wood has odor

When the pine oil is not fully deoiled, the resulting pinewood home will have an odor (special attention should be paid when purchasing pinewood!).

Summary: The biggest drawback of pine furniture - easy to change color!


How to remove the taste of pine furniture?

First, the indoor air ventilation method to remove pine furniture taste

If you buy new wooden furniture at home, you must keep the room ventilated and airy. Make full use of the flow of air to displace the odor emitted by pine furniture, so that the flowing wind will take away odors and reduce the odor concentration.

Second, the use of plant purification method to remove pine furniture taste

You can use environmentally friendly methods to remove the odor of pine furniture. There are more orchids in the home, such as cactus, aloe vera and so on. These plants not only protect against radiation, but also absorb a large amount of harmful gases. It can be said that they are environmental protection guards at home. You can also use jasmine, honeysuckle, cloves and other flowers that can secrete fungicides, kill bacteria in the air, absorb odor, keep the indoor air fresh.

Third, the adsorption method to remove pine furniture taste

Activated carbon is a widely used solid adsorbent, and the activated carbon has the widow function for benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, kerosene, gasoline, styrene and other substances. Activated carbon can be placed in rooms or pine furniture, which has a good effect on the smell of adsorbed pine furniture.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture and several methods of removing pine wood furniture . They keep the indoor air circulation, use plants to sterilize and purify the air, and use activated charcoal to absorb the odor of pine furniture. I hope these methods of deodorizing pine furniture can help your turn.

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