Smart lock sales scam demystify smart lock purchase skills

With the advancement of science and technology, the technical level of smart door locks has also undergone tremendous changes. The smart lock publicity gimmicks in the market are also full of tricks. Then how do we judge when choosing smart locks? The four common scams in the smart lock sales process hope to help everyone.

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Scam 1: Iris, mobile phone remote, app and more safer

Fingerprints, passwords, and proximity cards are currently the main unlocking methods. Iris, facial recognition, mobile phone remotes, and apps are still in development. Many businesses have been emphasizing their own powerful features, so that consumers think that the more features the smart lock the better. Actually, smart locks depend on the user's actual experience. Pay attention to those products that are crushed in gold, which have many functions, many product failures, unstable performance, and high uncertainties. The user's experience is necessarily poor.

Scam 2: The more functions, the better

The significance of smart door locks for smart doors is no less significant than Apple 4's significance to the smart phone market. After years of developing smart doors, smart locks have become more and more important in the door market. Imagine that when we buy a mobile phone, would we choose a large and complete mobile phone or choose a smart phone with an exquisite function? Presumably, the answer is the latter.

Scam 3: Foreign brands are better

Foreign brands are good. It cannot be denied that foreign brands have a longer history and experience in smart lock products. However, foreign brands' products are always designed for foreign customers. It is the true truth that one side should cultivate one person by water and soil and meet the "national conditions" of the local consumer groups. For example, the doors of South Korea are generally thin and light. In Chinese families, the doors are relatively thick and heavy. It is very difficult for South Korean locks to be installed in China. The door locks cannot be adapted to Chinese homes. shorten.

Scam 4: No mechanical lock cylinder smart lock is a safe lock

Many consumers will think that smart locks have keys to open the cottage products. However, the actual situation is exactly the opposite. The state stipulates that smart locks must have a key opening function to leave the factory. This is mainly due to safety considerations. Smart locks are electronic products after all. Electronic products will have business trips or no electricity. To prevent fire or other disasters from damaging the electronic circuits and causing people to endanger the situation, the national mandatory smart lock must be equipped with a key opening function. A smart lock without a key opening function is not qualified.

Although fingerprint lock is a product with high security, there are many fingerprint locks with unstable performance on the market. For example, it is impossible to identify the fingerprints of some people, and after the fingers are damaged, they cannot be well-identified. Therefore, we must pay attention to the time of purchase, a relatively high-quality smart lock, must be two-way fingerprint and key open.

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