Solid wood furniture is not true, laminated veneer is called pure solid wood furniture

As the name suggests, pure solid wood furniture means that the furniture is made entirely of wood. Some furniture sellers use the concept of confusing the concept to fool consumers, and the imitation solid wood with a layer of solid wood skin, or the outside is filled with solid wood plates with other inferior plates filled with pure solid wood furniture, it is really even "core". is fake.


Laminated veneer dare to call it pure solid wood furniture

There are three types of “fake pure solid wood” that are relatively common in the market. The first type is the most common: a layer of solid wood veneer is applied to the surface of the furniture. From the surface, it is very similar to pure solid wood furniture, but the service life is shorter than solid wood furniture. This is one of the most common methods of forgery and is relatively easy to identify. Because of the veneer, the wood grain of the furniture surface is clear but irregular, and the texture of the front and back of the furniture cannot correspond. Consumers can easily discern them as long as they carefully observe them when purchasing.

The second type of approach is to use the "finger joint plate" made by splicing small pieces of solid wood after deep processing as the base material of pure solid wood furniture, and then stick the leather on the surface, which is more deceptive. Some merchants sell so-called pure solid wood furniture under the name of XX precious wood furniture. In fact, the auxiliary material uses another kind of relatively cheap wood, which is mixed with fish. Buyers who do not know the details often think that the entire furniture is made of this precious wood, and it costs money.

And the third category is the forgery that has recently appeared in the market with higher tactics and almost impossible for consumers to find. The front and back finger joints of this type of furniture are very different, and even the position of the finger joints does not correspond. The processing trick is that the front and back sides of the wood are thin finger joints, and the center of the board is a variety of plywood or even All kinds of waste wood. It is recommended that consumers can carefully check the location of hardware holes such as nail holes and handles when buying to see if there is a sandwich.

Selling these three types of counterfeit "solid wood" furniture is a fraud to consumers. In this regard, consumers must carefully identify and purchase carefully when buying solid wood furniture.


Divided into pure solid wood, solid wood, solid wood veneer furniture

Before May 1, 2009, the definition standard of solid wood furniture was indeed vague. Generally, it is considered that more than 60% of the furniture made of solid wood can be called "solid wood furniture". "This has led to the emergence of the furniture market as long as there are blocks Solid wood can be sold according to the chaotic phenomenon of solid wood furniture. "On May 1, 2009, the new version of the" General Technical Conditions for Wooden Furniture "national standard began to be formally implemented, and the" solid wood furniture "and" artificial board furniture "were strictly defined for the first time. "," Integrated wood furniture "," all solid wood furniture "," solid wood furniture "and" solid wood veneer furniture "specific definitions.

According to the new national standard, solid wood furniture is subdivided into three types, "pure solid wood furniture", "solid wood furniture" and "solid wood veneer furniture". Pure solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood; solid wood furniture is also called board-wood combined furniture, that is, tables, tables (chairs) legs and other frames are made of solid wood, and side panels, bottom, top, partitions and other parts Furniture made of artificial board (density board, particle board, etc. are all artificial boards); solid wood veneer furniture is made of artificial board, and the surface is decorated with solid wood veneer.


Sign the contract must indicate the type of solid wood furniture

In the actual purchase, many citizens do not have professional knowledge and experience. When purchasing solid wood furniture, consumers must check the quality test report, and they must sign a purchase contract with the merchant, and the merchant must indicate whether it is "pure solid wood furniture" or " "Solid wood veneer furniture", "integrated wood furniture", "combination of wood and board furniture" Once the furniture material is found to be fake after purchase, you can claim compensation from the merchant according to the contract.
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