Solid wood furniture: tired of the solid wood market

Affected by the ban on logging in Northeast China, Inner Mongolia and other regions, and the reduction of timber output, coupled with Russia ’s implementation of various timber export protection measures, the supply of logs is very tight. In 2011, the relevant forestry department in Heilongjiang fell sharply from 4.4 million cubic meters to 900,000 cubic meters.

In 2010, the international coniferous wood price index and broad-leaved wood price index rose by at least 6%. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the prices of best-selling timber and products with tight supply continued to rise, represented by northeastern timber and Burmese timber; European timber is likely to increase the market price in a timely manner in the next one or two months.

"Solid wood furniture"

Whether in textbooks or in the market many years ago, it seems that "solid wood" is just a modifier, which is nothing more than "a kind of furniture material", or it can be understood as a material-based furniture classification method, not Into climate.

I do n’t know since when, “solid wood furniture” has gradually become one of the most important categories-so many furniture malls have dedicated “solid wood furniture” floors, so many consumers enter the door and yell to buy “solid wood furniture”, so many manufacturers Grand launch of "solid wood furniture" series ......

Since then, "solid wood furniture" has become irreversible, and the market share is growing. The major media are competing to report that consumers are rushing, and the design companies specializing in the research and development of solid wood furniture are very popular, and the manufacturers of solid wood furniture are quickly Growing up, even the new "Wooden Furniture Standard" of the country specifically defined "solid wood furniture".

"Solid wood furniture" has become the biggest hot spot in the furniture circle in recent years.

The death of solid wood, the tiredness of the market

The hot solid wood, such a big piece of cake, everyone chased to get a piece of soup. Many companies have begun to adjust their strategic deployments. Small and medium-sized manufacturers have abandoned their original products and converted to specialize in solid wood, but large enterprises have to diversify their development. The product line has been further expanded due to solid wood, making management increasingly difficult.

At the same time, with its own flexibility and the processing characteristics of solid wood materials, many small workshops have been reinvigorated, quickly occupying the market with the speed and cost advantages that large factories do not have, and a large number of new "solid wood brands" have suddenly poured into the mall. Therefore, the topic of "industry reshuffle", which was often talked about in previous years, has been shelved, the market has become more fragmented, regional competition has become increasingly fierce, and the already chaotic furniture industry has become more chaotic.

The addition of solid wood furniture has further subdivided the types of furniture. Consumers are dazzled. Even insiders, they have begun to unclear the types of styles.

In order to win the favor of consumers, various businesses try their best to speculate on the topic of solid wood, from adopting various precious tree species as the main material, to the commercial concept of all solid wood and pure solid wood, to "cutting cabinets", "on-site destruction test", etc. With the use of promotional techniques, competition is becoming increasingly fierce and operations are becoming more and more tiring.

The introduction of a new standard of solid wood has caused various manufacturers to struggle with each other: Whether product furniture is strictly produced in accordance with the standard during product research and development-have to face huge material costs, so that the product is not competitive in the market; or play tricks ——Playing the edge-fixing ball of solid wood furniture, but facing the risk of punishment for violation of regulations, it is difficult to control.

There are also businesses that are entangled, whether it is to show truth from facts to show that the real material composition-thus losing the competitive advantage; or to avoid the light-to vaguely promote the solid wood theme? dilemma.

What's more, some speculators borrowed the new solid wood standard, "touched the porcelain" everywhere, used legal loopholes, played market tricks, and cheated the compensation amount everywhere, causing many businesses to suffer.

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