Solvay Performance Polyamide Introduces New TechnylBlue

HC Plastics News: Solvay High Performance Polyamide Division introduces the high temperature Technyl Blue series of materials for automotive thermal management systems. This series of materials has excellent hydrolysis resistance and heat aging resistance even under the action of corrosive coolant.

Technyl Blue was developed on the basis of the successful application of the Technyl34NG series of materials. Compared to the general nylon 66 (PA66), the hydrolysis resistance is improved by 15%-60%. The composite material is resistant to road salt corrosion in low temperature environments and can be directly applied to automotive radiators, oil filter housings/modules, and heat exchangers for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems.

Editor in charge: Ye Dan

Product parameters

Model: KN95

Style: ear - mounted

Breathing valve: none

Filter level: KN95

Color: white

Activated carbon: none

Execution standard: GB2626-2006

Certification: CE FDA EUA

Packing specification: 50 pieces/box 1200 pieces/carton

Material composition:

The outer layer is 50g non-woven fabric, the second layer is 40g hot-air cotton, the third and fourth layer is 25g non-woven fabric, and the inner layer is 25g non-woven fabric.



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