Sun room decoration considerations Sunshine room decoration type

Now many friends choose to decorate the sun room when they decorate the house, so that they can rest in the sun at home. In fact, the sun room is still the best place to relax. What is the matching structure of the sun room, so that you can have a comfortable sun room is not beautiful? Today, the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring everyone to understand the sun room decoration needs to pay attention to.


Sun room decoration type

1. The ordinary sun room in the house is mostly used as a place for planting flowers. Because of the good lighting and ventilation, it is very suitable for the survival and growth of Xiyang plants.

2, some home decoration sun room is a casual type, this type of sun room will be much larger than the ordinary sun room above, there are many more facilities inside, very suitable for villas and private courtyard use. Together with the beautiful sunshade, the opening window can also be a leisure house with furniture and leisure equipment such as tables and fitness equipment.

3, functional sun room, then it is a relatively high design and construction technology, usually a multi-purpose place, dedicated to the special space such as hospitality, small restaurant, study room or children's entertainment room. Because it is built with higher technical standards, there is no need to worry that the problems of the house itself will affect the specific use.


Sun room decoration should pay attention to what

One: the problem of laying the floor tiles of the sun

If there is a garden planned in the sun room, the floor tiles should not be too flat. It should be a little gully. This has certain advantages for retaining water and soil. The corner of the roof floor is lowered to some planes to facilitate excessive moisture in the soil. The Floor Drain is discharged. In addition, it is necessary to lay a barrier layer similar to non-woven fabric on the board to prevent the water from being carried away during the process of leaking and avoid clogging the pipeline. When designing the sun room, it is necessary to pay attention to the setting of the drainage system. If there is a pool in the sun room, the area of ​​the pool should not be too large. If the amount of water is large, it is more likely to cause spillage, which will endanger the safety of the building over time. When designing the sun room, be sure to leave doors and windows for ventilation.

Two: the problem of the placement of plants in the sun room

Because the sun room has plenty of sunshine, so many people like to place plants in it, then the sun room is not only suitable for planting, but also the plant has a regulating effect on the temperature, humidity and air quality in the sun room. When placing plants, it is important to note that the plants placed should be suitable for indoor placement, as some plants are not suitable for indoors, such as narcissus, oleander, mimosa, etc.

Three: Sun room storage cabinet placement problem

Put a locker in the sun room, then you need to arrange it in the corner of the sun room to avoid direct sunlight. Of course, when you are in the corner, you need to see if the plant can climb to the locker. If you climb to the locker, the locker will easily get wet.

Many people use the sun room to relax the tired body. In this area, they will involuntarily relax, basking in the winter sun, thinking that they are comfortable, the above is the briefing of the sun room decoration for you. This is the end. For more information, please stay tuned to the home of the decoration.

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