Teach you how to identify high-power LED chips?

In view of the chaotic market competition in the LED lighting market, many merchants have adopted a vicious price war. It is also very difficult for consumers to know the LED chip time.

The main reasons are:

1, no professional instruments

2, the purchase is the finished product, there is no separate test sample

3. Too little knowledge about LED chips.

First let's take a look at LED chips. What is an LED? Simply put, it is a light-emitting diode. In the early years, LEDs were mainly used in the circuit as indicators. With the rapid development of LED, the technology of LED is becoming more and more mature, and the field of use is gradually expanding. LED has gradually entered the lighting market and is widely used in all aspects of life lighting.

What are the main LED products we touch or recognize today? LED TVs, LED displays, LED flashlights, etc. are the most common LED products. For the lighting industry, there are LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED fluorescent tubes, and LED panel lights that emerged in 2012.

What advantages does LED have over traditional incandescent and energy-saving lamps, making it an inevitable product to replace traditional lighting fixtures?

The main product advantages are:

(1) Energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection. This is the main advantage of LED products to replace traditional lighting, he saves 90% compared to traditional incandescent lamps, and saves 50% compared to energy-saving lamps.

(2) Variety of styles. Whether it is traditional incandescent lamps or traditional energy-saving lamps, even sodium lamps and other lighting products, so far can only stay in the shape of the bulb and the tube. LED lamps are available in a variety of forms today. In addition to catering to LED bulbs and LED tubes produced by traditional lamps, a large number of lamps of various shapes, including strips, strings, strips, modules, and wall lamps, have been derived. , crystal lamps and other products. Large can be used for outdoor advertising lighting, LED lighting, landscape lighting, landscape lighting; small LED lights that can be as small as mung beans.

(3) Other superior performance. Such as no stroboscopic, lead-free mercury, no radiation, high brightness, low heat, and so on.

Although LED products have so many advantages, from the practical point of view, LEDs still have some problems in the current popularity. The main reasons are: (1) Core technologies such as chips are in the hands of developed countries such as Japan and the United States. The number of domestic independent R&D chips is small and the quality of products is poor. (2) Despite China's vast land and resources, but the information in townships and towns is blocked, coupled with the backwardness of scientific and technological cognition, the promotion of today's LED products only stays in large and medium cities.

Despite this, many merchants still feel the development trend of LED lamps, and vigorously promote the popularization of LED lamps. However, in such a fierce competitive environment, it will inevitably not produce vicious competition in the market. The vicious competition in the LED market is mainly reflected in (1) merchants use inferior materials to produce products, but the low price makes the consumer's interests not guaranteed. (2) LED is a new product that has only emerged in recent years. The country does not have a complete management system. The quality of products can only be determined by the market. (3) The interests of the merchants exist in the final stage of the manufacturing process, and the profits are extremely low, forcing extreme strategies.

Therefore, there are a large number of shoddy products on the market, the most obvious of which is to replace the high-quality lamp beads with inferior lamp beads, and the most obvious difference between the good and the bad lamp beads is the chip.

How to identify the chip is a very difficult problem for ordinary people. The type of chip determines the quality of the product, determines the length of the service life and the quality of the light.

Here we use the simplest method of identifying the lamp bead chip to identify the lamp bead.

First of all, the tools we need are:

Scorpion, magnifying glass

Step 2: Prepare a high power LED lamp bead

Step 3: We use a tweezers or a hand-picked silicone gel on the surface of the lamp bead to see the sesame-sized LED chip. Then use a magnifying glass to check whether the pattern of the lamp bead chip is consistent with the known lamp bead chip. Generally, there is a lamp bead chip on the outside of the product package. (The following are common LED chips)

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