The 2014 Furniture Fair meets the 6th Suzhou Furniture Fair


The recently released movie "Where's Dad?" Was so hot that it was hard to find. The film was finished in only five days, and it broke through 92 million yuan at the box office on the day of the New Year's Day. As of February 7, the 8-day "Daddy" box office broke 500 million, creating the latest record of China's 2D movies and becoming the biggest dark horse of the Spring Festival.

The popularity of "Where is Dad?", On the one hand, has brought huge profits for the producers, and on the other hand, it has also triggered a big debate about whether this is a movie in the whole country. In the author's opinion, the reason why "Where is Dad?" Is popular is because it occupies the right place and the right people-Spring Festival, schedule, fans.

And the right place, the right people and the right place is also a hot success of the exhibition. May I ask where to go to the furniture exhibition in 2014? The general trend refers to the sixth Suzhou Furniture Fair.

Time: Meet in Sucheng in June, suitable for both exhibitors and tourism

Starting from March, the three major exhibitions in Guangdong will be staged in turn, intensively held, and the battle for furniture will take off. The 6th Suzhou Furniture Fair will be held on June 26-29. At this time, Suzhou is at a time when the lakeside is beautiful, the garden is green, and the lotus leaves are fragrant. Not only is the climate pleasant and easy to travel, but also enough time for more participants. Holding an exhibition at this time, in line with the time, will greatly improve the participation effect of buyers and sellers. At that time, while searching for the best business opportunities, more than one hundred thousand exhibitors and visitors were able to visit the beauty of heaven, a perfect fusion of classic and modern, with a unique taste of Suzhou.

Geographical location——Professional team service, a wide range of categories

Suzhou Furniture Fair is organized by a well-known domestic planning team-Zhao Yixue business planning agency. The team has always adhered to the exhibition concept of "finding buyers for buyers and buyers for sellers", and constantly provides high-quality exhibition services for customers. The exhibition uses a modern international pavilion, Suzhou International Expo Center, with first-class software and hardware measures to provide comprehensive, in-place and intimate services for exhibitors, professional visitors, media and terminal visitors. The 6th Suzhou Furniture Fair is huge, consisting of a main venue of 120,000 square meters and a branch venue of China Likou Furniture Market of 1.5 million square meters. The exhibition scale is the largest in East China.

This furniture exhibition has a wide range of exhibitions, covering four series of furniture, woodworking machinery, raw and auxiliary materials, home accessories and peripheral products. The exhibition area is divided into suite area, mahogany furniture, jewelry area, software, living room furniture area, office furniture area, raw and auxiliary materials area, woodworking machinery area and other areas. At the request of the majority of mahogany furniture manufacturers, Suzhou Furniture Fair opened a 3B hall as a mahogany furniture exhibition area. The exhibition area of ​​the pavilion involves categories such as mahogany furniture and accessories, classical and antique furniture, home accessories, mahogany small pieces, tea, tea crafts, fragrance products, Buddhist supplies and arts and crafts.

Renhe-The previous achievements are remarkable, the exhibition brand is trustworthy

After five sessions of Suzhou Furniture Fair, it has received 700,000 visitors and served nearly 3,000 exhibitors. The exhibition area has grown from 80,000 square meters in 2009 to 120,000 square meters in 2013, an increase of 50%. On-site signing transaction volume increased from 350% in 2009 to 1.15 billion yuan in 2013, an increase of 229%. In the past six years, Suzhou Furniture Fair has grown rapidly and matured. It has become the most promising furniture fair in the Chinese furniture industry. It is supported by furniture companies, distributors, industry media and consumers across the country. Favored by the furniture industry in the high-end market.

In June 2014, we met in Suzhou and met by the Jinji Lake. The 6th Suzhou Furniture Fair and the exhibition of mahogany furniture , office furniture, woodworking machinery, raw and auxiliary materials-a furniture event that is worthy of trust and expectation, is approaching slowly!

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