The choice of safe wholesale materials

When people buy safes for wholesale locks, they are generally concerned that the locks are not durable or that they will rust or oxidize in a short time. This problem is related to the use of materials and appearances to deal with penalties.

From a durable point of view, the best material should be stainless steel, especially for the appearance of the material, the more the use of more money to join the password. It has good strength, strong anti-corruption and solid color. However, there are many kinds of stainless steels, which can be divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic, commonly known as stainless steel, long time, the surrounding environment is not good will also rust, only austenitic stainless steel will not rust, identify a lot of steps, with a magnet can be identified by a test.

Copper is one of the most widely used lock materials in safes for wholesale use. Its rigid performance, corrosion resistance and processing performance are good, and its color is pretty. Especially copper forged handles and other lock decorative parts have good appearance and density. , no pores, trachoma. Both solid and rust-proof, can be used to plate 24K gold or sand gold and other appearances to deal with penalties, it is gorgeous, noble and generous, to people's home growth a lot of color.

l-glutamine Basic Information
Description References
Product Name: L-Glutamine
CAS: 56-85-9
MF: C5H10N2O3
MW: 146.14
EINECS: 200-292-1
Mol File: 56-85-9.mol

L-Glutamine Structure


L-Glutamine Chemical Properties
Melting point 185 °C (dec.)(lit.)
alpha 32.25 º (c=10, 2 N HCl)
Boiling point 265.74°C (rough estimate)
density 1.47 g/cm3 (20℃)
refractive index 6.8 ° (C=4, H2O)
Fp 185°C
storage temp. −20°C
solubility H2O: 25 mg/mL
pka 2.17(at 25℃)
form solution
color White
PH 5.0-6.0 (25℃, 0.1M in H2O)
Water Solubility Soluble in water, dimethyl sulfoxide and ethanol. Insoluble in methanol, ether, benzene, acetone, ethyl acetate and chloroform.
Decomposition 185 ºC

L-Glutamine CAS No.56-85-9

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