The professional office renovation program makes employees do not want to go home!

Every morning at 9 o'clock in the morning, the company goes to work. At 6 o'clock in the evening, it leaves the company. At least a third of the day is spent at the company. For office workers sitting in the office every day, a good working environment is very important. However, many companies plan their layout unreasonably and their work experience is very poor. For justice, it is necessary to give them classes so that they know what is going on in a professional office .

â—† Professional Office Decoration Lesson 1: Do you know the design points?

The office is divided into many areas. Each area has its own function. Therefore, the design needs to be differentiated from the requirements.

● The front desk

The background of the front desk is the first billboard that a company makes to the outside world. It should incorporate more of the company's culture in its design, and communicate more about the company's culture, image, philosophy, and strength to the outside world. Beautiful background, beautiful front desk, beautiful receptionist lady, beautiful lighting colors, and beautiful and unique materials leave a deep influence on your customers and people from all walks of life. This is very effective in enhancing corporate brand image and increasing customer trust.

●Negotiation room

The negotiation room is a place where companies directly create value, so decoration is very important.

This space should have a good atmosphere for business negotiations. When decorating, it should take into account the advantages of the company's products and advantages, and facilitate the negotiation and increase the success rate of signing orders. Create more value for the company.

●Conference room

The conference room is a space for a company to create and improve the core competitiveness of a company. Try not to use warm colors when decorating. It will make people tired. When the lights are bright and the cables are installed, it is necessary to fully consider and satisfy the use of multimedia conference systems and equipment.

● General Manager's Office and Chairman's Office

The general manager room or the chairman's room can be said to be a corporate VIP room. The reception was mostly important people. Renovation should pay attention to the use of materials, not too luxurious, but it must have grades and grades, of course, more should convey the mission of the company, the core value and personality charm of the general manager or chairman.

●Working area

The staff office space design should be based on the needs of the work and the number of departments and refer to the building structure to set the area and location. First of all, we should balance the big relationships between the rooms and then make room arrangements. Arrangement should pay attention to the use of different work requirements, such as the external contact, to face the door; do copy and design, there should be a relatively quiet space. Also pay attention to the relationship between people and furniture, equipment, space, and passage to ensure that it is easy to use, reasonable, and safe. Office desks are mostly arranged in vertical and horizontal directions. The large office space is also quite innovative in its neat arrangement, but it should be noted that it is easy to use and harmonize with the overall style.

● Leisure area

The lounge & tea room is a space for employees to have a lunch or leisure drink tea and communication. In function, they must have basic sofas, coffee tables, stools, or bar counters. They should warmly give employees a full rest on the choice of colors. The space should not be too cold.

â—† Professional Office Renovation Lesson 2: Colors Don't mess with collocations?

Why should I mention color? Because it's really important! Some companies have a lot of colors and look at computer eyes every day. They are already very tired, and they have to be tortured by the company's garish color palette.

So, how to choose the color of the office decoration?


From ancient times to the present, people in China regard red as auspicious colors. Red has passionate meaning and is full of burning power.

However, if the red area is too large, people's visual burden will be too heavy, causing dizziness and discomfort due to rapid heartbeat. Therefore, as a local decoration is a good choice, red should not be used as a large area of ​​the main colors.

● Blue

Blue is a kind of imaginative color that gives rise to delusions, giving people a vast impression of the ocean. Blue is the coldest color and it is also a symbol of eternity. The pure blue shows a beautiful, quiet, inspiring, serene and clean.

Due to the calm nature of blue, most of the commercial or corporate image emphasizing science and technology and efficiency have used blue as the corporate standard color, such as computers and automobile companies.


The different blues and whites match each other, showing clearness, freshness, and cleanliness; the blues and yellows match each other, and the contrast is large and bright; the large blues do not match the greens, and they can only infiltrate each other.

● Green

Green is the most common color in nature, representing fresh, clean, quiet, vibrant, environmentally friendly...


In fact, in the office space where the color of green is dominant, the design using a similar color gradient is a very good idea, achieving a level of over-existence, so as to achieve the visual effect of expanding space.

● Black

Black is a cool color, used in office space to give people a dignified, mysterious, solid, healthy and elegant feeling.


The space with black and white has a strong sense of modernity and is the first choice for a minimalist style. However, if you use black and white in space, you will be overly fancy. Therefore, you must master the use of proportions.

To avoid the use of large areas of black, a long time in a monotonous environment, it will make people nervous and confused. Therefore, to be adorned with other colors, the space will become bright and comfortable, while having both taste and taste.

â—† Professional Office Renovation Lesson 3: You Are Really Committed to Making Money

Many companies are very beautifully decorated, so that employees immersed in them and forget the time off work! However, if you don't do a good job of fire fighting, you can only make a living and earn money!

● If the office decoration unit is within 500 square meters of the construction site, it must be equipped with at least two extinguishers of more than 4 kg. The fire extinguisher must be within the valid period.


â–² Fire extinguisher must have

● It is strictly forbidden for an office decoration company to cap additional partitions to ceilings or ceilings. Each additional isolation room must be equipped with at least one independent smoke detector and one shower. At least one smoke and one shower must be installed for every 50 square meters, and an area of ​​less than 50 square meters should be calculated based on 50 square meters.

● All smoke in the unit must be able to interface with the fire control system.

● The firefighting facilities such as sprinkler, sprinkler pipe, fire hose, fire hydrant, etc. cannot be damaged. It is forbidden to change their direction and use.

● If you need open fire during construction of the decoration unit, you must apply to the management office in advance. Only after the approval of the management office can the open fire operations be carried out.

● It is forbidden to occupy fire-fighting passages for construction tools, materials, garbage, etc. in office renovation units. Do not use fire-fighting water for any reason.

The office environment is very important for the company and the employees. If your company's decoration is too LOW, hurry to show this professional office decoration article to your boss.

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