The quality of the floor became a complaint area

The quality of the floor became a complaint area

In 2014, the data of the China Quality Wanli Bank Complaints Department showed that 1,817 cases of home building materials were received, of which 201 cases were floorboards in 2014 and became the hardest hit areas for consumer complaints. In flooring products, distortion, kicking, foaming, cracking, material doping, product identification, and physical inconsistency are major concerns for consumers. In the sample inspections of the industrial and commercial departments over the years, the surface of the floor was not wearing well, the formaldehyde content was exceeded, and the label's nominal value did not match the actual material. This also became a common problem for unacceptable floors.

Among many flooring products, there are no lack of quality issues in the brands known to the world such as Shiyou and Anxin, which have become the focus of consumer complaints.

Case one: floor discolored black foaming shirk responsibility

Mr. Xu of Shanghai reflected that he purchased the WorldFriends floor at the official flagship store of the Taobao Lynx World of Friends Floor. As a result, there was a very serious quality problem. After the pavement, there was a large area of ​​discoloration, blackening, and blistering. After the merchants visited the site, they said that they did not do waterproofing and all the responsibilities were pushed to Mr. Xu. Mr. Xu said that the floor we bought was floor-heated, and we had to do waterproofing ourselves, and we laid a moisture-proof plate of about 5 centimeters, so there was no waterproof problem. But the business is very arrogant and the problem is not solved.

Case Two: Newly Installed Floor Worms

Ms. Li from Anhui Province reflected that her family's floor was filled with new friends. She was born with insects in less than three months. Ms. Li found the business and the business attitude was very poor. Later, there were too many insects. There was no way to sprinkle insecticide powder on the floor. The new house was messed up.

Less than three months later, the room floor began to quilt again, which made Ms. Lee very distressed and her home was messed up. The problem of the new shop floor continued, so she proposed to the merchant to replace the floor again, but the business did not pay attention to it, but also wickedly opposed. She said that she is still worried that the floor will not regenerate insects.

Case 3: Floor cracking refused to repair business failure

Mr. Shanghai Sheng reflected that in 2014 he ordered a product on the floor of the World of Friends. Since there are two suites in the house that need renovation, the salesperson was to pull the business at that time and promised to pay a part of the deposit to retain the price. If they are not satisfied in the future, they can receive a refund. When Mr. Sheng decorated the first house, he discovered that the floor had cracked. This made Mr. Sheng very dissatisfied with the quality of the WorldFriends floor. When the second house was renovated, he did not plan to use the brand's products again, and he and the merchant discussed the deposit refund. At this time, the business suddenly turned over and refused to accept the account, and changed the person in charge not allowed to return, the tone was overbearing, the original promises have been denied.

What makes Mr. Sheng feel helpless is that not only is the deposit not refundable, there is a problem with the flooring of the first house's paving world, and businesses are not willing to come to the door for maintenance. He said indignantly that encountering such dishonest businesses is really a hardship for consumers.

At present, the floor is mainly divided into several major categories such as solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, and reinforced flooring. Consumers in the purchase process, it is best to correctly identify the type of floor and their respective cost performance. The most important thing is to look at the product inspection report. The report shall indicate the details of the type, level, inspection basis, and inspection category of the product to be inspected; the product name, species, grade, place of production, and instructions for use shall be marked on the label and packaging, and the compliance with the actual product shall be checked. The business is obliged to inform and has the obligation to indicate the details of the floor, and inform the use methods.

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