The specific steps of cultivation of Penglai Song's breeding method

Penglai pine stems tall and straight, green dripping, is one of the people's favorite home green plants, many people have chosen home planting green plants Penglaisong , that Penglaisong 's breeding method is specifically how, here we go to see:

The basic information of Penglai Song:

Asparagus myrioeladus (Asparagus myrioeladus) is a perennial shrub herb belonging to the genus Asparagus, which is a species of perennial shrub with a white plump fleshy root and a sprig. It is slender, with short, needle-like leaves, clusters that resemble five pine needles. From flowering July to August, the flowers are pale red to white, with aroma.

Penglai Song's breeding methods:

1. Soil: Penglai pine can adapt to a variety of soils, but it is not tolerant to salinity. It is better to use deep, moist, loose and slightly acidic sandy loam soil. The best potted plants are mature pastoral soil, rot leaf soil, and suitable amount of mixed sandy soil. .

2, the sun: Penglai loose warm and humid environment, but afraid of the light, the summer should pay attention to appropriate shade, to prevent sun exposure, so as not to burn or yellow leaves, cold winter is required to be sufficient sunlight.

3. Temperature: The optimum temperature for growth of P. edulis is 20-30 °C, and the wintering temperature is 3 °C. When the summer high temperature exceeds 35°C, the growth will stop, and the yellow leaves will be yellow. The cold resistance of Penglaisong is strong, and the winter temperature is not lower than 5°C to safely survive the winter.

4, water: Spring and summer season for the growth of Penglai Song, need sufficient water, but should not let the basin soil water, so as not to root rot; After the end of autumn should gradually reduce the amount of water, so that the basin soil can be kept slightly wet.

5, fertilizer: Penglai pine in the spring and summer is the growth period, in order to make the growth of the foliage to pay attention to supplementary nutrients, should be fertilized once every two weeks to nitrogen, potassium-based.

6, insect pests: Penglaisong less pests, but there will be leaf blight hazards, can be used 50% carbendazim WP 1000 times spray, if there is a whitefly and scale insects, can be used 40% oxidized East fruit milk 1000 Double liquid spray.

Penglaisong has a regular shape, branches are standing firm, leaves are clumped and soft, and it is appreciated. Therefore, Penglaisong was chosen as the home decoration green plant. Therefore, the breeding environment of Penglaisong needs attention. The above is the breeding method of Penglaisong that Xiaobian compiled for everyone. I hope to help everyone.

Information about Penglai Song was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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