Traditional furniture faces new difficulties because ...

The price of raw materials continues to rise. "Especially for northeast timber and northwest timber, prices have increased significantly!"

Timber price fluctuations are due to the implementation of domestic natural protection projects. After the ban and logging in forest areas, the wood raw materials produced by China ’s furniture are reduced, and the high-quality and precious wood resources suitable for making furniture are less and less, although relying on exports can be relatively Alleviating the current wood supply difficulties, but from the perspective of market supply, high-quality large-diameter grade logs are increasingly in short supply, and natural wood output has fallen sharply. The domestic wood supply shortage will become more obvious in the next few years.

Timber from Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Russia is China's main source of imports. Due to reduced resources, national policies, exchange rates, transportation costs and other factors, prices have become quite different from those in the previous two years.

According to the notice of the Forest Products Industry Association, some rare and endangered tree species such as rosewood and ebony in Madagascar are rapidly decreasing, attracting the attention of many countries, and these woods are mainly used to make traditional style mahogany furniture and circulate in the Chinese high-end classic furniture market.

Throughout the domestic wood industry, the implementation of the National Natural Protection Project and the ban on and logging of forest areas have reduced the supply of wood suitable for making furniture. It is understood that large provinces such as Jilin, Yunnan and Guangxi all express forestry Significantly cut production. In the future, the tight supply situation of wood at home and abroad will become more obvious.

After the financial crisis turned to domestic sales, the company's costs increased, "The profit of wooden door production was originally thinner, and now the raw materials are rising, which is more pressure! 3D wooden door prices have not increased during this period. This kind of trust and raising prices cannot solve the fundamental problem, nor can it pass the problem on to consumers. "

At present, many wooden door and furniture companies that are not strong with wood as raw materials will face the risk of closure, and some companies that cannot withstand the pressure are also beginning to seek a career change. Mr. Xue also said that next year can see the rise of sheet metal and the reduction of demand. The market continues to face challenges, but for high-end 3D wooden doors, sales may decline, but market share may not necessarily decline.

The rise in wood prices has driven up the price of boards, and as a downstream furniture company, it will inevitably be affected. Since the beginning of this year, various prices and costs have increased compared with the labor cost, energy price, logistics cost, etc. of the enterprise, which has greatly increased the production costs of major furniture companies. Nowadays, the prices of plates have been rising rapidly, which makes them very difficult.

"In addition to the relatively deserted furniture market this year, some furniture brands have not achieved the expected sales results in the gold, silver and silver ten, so furniture companies are very hesitant to increase the price of the product." The increase in wood prices has put a lot of pressure on furniture companies. However, in order to avoid further decline in sales, some furniture companies with small brand awareness and small scale dare not raise the price of furniture. However, if the ex-factory price of the product is not increased, some companies can only face losses or failures. This makes some enterprises face a dilemma and suffer a lot.

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