Transformation and upgrade Yuhang furniture layout expansion from manufacturing to creation

In the post-crisis era, Yuhang's Marunch Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. expanded its "territory" to the world's fashion capital-Milan, Italy!

Transformation and upgrading is a key word now. Under the node of the traditional industry seeking new development, there is good news from the Yuhang District Economic Development Bureau: Yuhang furniture company Marunchi is currently registering a distribution site in Italy, going international to be its own brand in China, and starting "Made in Yuhang" to The new journey of "Yuhang Creation".

As one of the earliest domestic companies engaged in the manufacture of classical European and American furniture, Marangqi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Yuhang, since its establishment in 1998, has taken creative quality of life as its mission, and has developed from OEM production to more than 70 specialty stores and two Large independent product brand series, starting from 20,000 yuan to achieve output value of 180 million yuan in 2010.

The turning point was in 2008. At that time, the financial crisis hit European and American economies, the international purchasing power fell sharply, and the furniture industry entered a period of in-depth adjustment. Marunchy was keenly aware of the need to be more effective in the furniture market. Only by realizing the progress from manufacturing to creation can we build core competitiveness. To this end, the company quickly transformed, established a research and development center, a marketing center, and positioned the product as a whole piece of furniture, striving to build two brand systems "Venice" and "Flower Language".

Right now, Marunch has collaborated with the Italian international brand MAGISTER UT to develop a "neoclassical" high-end product series, and has established a Chinese Academy of Art Marunch furniture product research and development base to form a complete product system and an eclectic design and production team. In order to speed up the construction of international brands and the development of global businesses, Marunch aims at the world's fashion capital-Milan, Italy, registers in Italy, establishes its own brand abroad, and transforms and upgrades to realize the new vitality of traditional industries.

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