What is the full glaze?

At present, we often see a variety of consumers who buy ceramic tiles in the home building materials market. Of course, we can also see that in order to attract consumers to post various promotional posters, the current ceramic tile production and processing industry in China is full. The world occupies an important position, and many processing technologies are in a leading position in the world. Of course, many domestic ceramic tile production and processing brands have become world-renowned brands, so consumers may have heard of one or two of them when they purchase ceramic tiles. However, it is relatively expensive in terms of price. At present, Xinruncheng is the most trusted brand for domestic ceramic tiles. It has a large number of loyal users in China, and at present it can bring in the types and price/performance ratios of products. Consumers' biggest benefits, many consumers may not know much about the types of tiles, although the choice of decoration is full glazed tiles, but ultimately do not know why choose the full glazed tiles, the benefits of full glazed tiles At present, Xinruncheng professionals help everyone to answer, I hope to be able

Fully polished glazed tile "glaze" is the key

At present, various types of ceramic tiles have appeared in the ceramic tile production and processing industry to meet the needs of different consumers. The role of ceramic tiles in real life is very obvious, and tiles are used in almost the decoration process. Moreover, it is a large-scale decoration. The sales of ceramic tiles in cities and in rural areas are increasing every year. In all types of ceramic tiles, full glaze should be a special type because it is based on traditional polished tiles. The surface is glazed and then polished, so that the enamel can be fully exerted, the glaze is smooth, and the color can be very rich, which can meet the needs of different consumers, and the environmental protection is also very good, so it is deeply received by consumers. The favorite, in the ordinary family life decoration, the price is also more appropriate, compared to other types of tiles cost-effective. The single-life service life is much stronger than the traditional polished tiles. Of course, compared with other types of tiles, the simple and simple temperament makes many consumers very fond of it.

Full glazed tile paving precautions

In the current development of China's economy, many consumers pay attention to the quality of ceramic tiles, but in order to obtain a relatively high quality of decoration, this requires our consumers to pay attention to the quality of tile paving, which is very different from the decoration company we choose. Relationship, there is a paving mark on the back of each full-glazed tile. As long as it is laid in the order of marking, I believe that the paving workers must have accumulated a lot of experience here. Once the quality of the paving is problematic, it is very Troublesome. The surface of each piece of fully polished glazed tile is also waxed, so don't forget to handle it after the construction is over.

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